Women’s Hair Loss – What Are The Reasons For It?

How many times have you been watching television and seen a commercial promoting some product that is supposed to reverse baldness in men? Did you ever see that one in which the “solution” was to actually spray a cover-up to make the hair look thicker? Men’s hair loss is the major advertising thrust on TV and other media. Well, the main problem with that is women suffer from all kinds of hair loss situations. In fact, women’s hair loss happens more frequently than men’s hair loss and there are more causes for it too. Here are some of the major reasons a woman might be dealing with hair loss.

Quite a few conditions can impair a woman’s normal hair growth cycle, and the thyroid is one such area that can cause problems. The thyroid is a powerful influence in women, and quite a few things can go wrong with it that will adversely affect a woman. Hashimoto’s disease and cancer are just several widely known diseases of the thryoid. The important point about hair loss in women is that it’s often one of the symptoms of “possible” thyroid disorder. You should consult with your family doctor is you experience rapid hair loss for no apparent reason.

Pregnancy is another condition that can have a huge impact on a woman’s hair. The effect is that some experience rapid hair growth, but for other women the opposite happens. This is quite common after the baby is born when all of the extra hair that grew in while the woman was pregnant starts to be shed.

It can be quite alarming, especially if this is your first pregnancy. However once the body chemistry and hormones return to normal then things will settle down with the hair. So just don’t get stressed about it because it’s all normal and not permanent.

Women’s hair loss is not talked about, openly in the media, anywhere near as much as it is for men. What is well-known is that women have hair loss issues in many different contexts.

Men’s hair loss is much more widely discussed than women’s hair loss. Maybe this is because women are not “supposed” to lose hair unless they choose to remove it voluntarily. However it is probably true that women are much more embarrassed about this and may not seek help with it. However we’re hopeful this will change. Research, time, and public awareness will hopefully shed more light on this area.

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