Women’s Hair Loss – The Numbers Are Surprising

It’s well known why men lose hair. Women are just as susceptible to hair loss as men. You may be surprised to know that some think women are more susceptible than men are to hair loss. What could be the reason for less attention being devoted to women’s hair loss? It’s unknown why that state of affairs exists. But what we’ll do is talk about some of the more pertinent reasons for women’s hair loss. All you have to do is keep on reading to find out.

There are not many, if any, media programming on the subject of female hair loss problems. What is known at this point is there is more than one reason for a thinning hair condition seen in women. Continue reading to discover some of the reasons why a woman’s hair may begin to thin.

Hair loss will be affected by exercise and diet for most women. Growing hair requires that a woman gets enough protein, so make sure that you get enough of that in your diet. Women have different requirements for optimal health as it pertains to vitamins and minerals, and that is something you can ensure on your own and it will help keep your hair healthy. To save money, most people just find an adequate nutritional supplement from their local health store. You already know how important good exercise is, so just be sure to do something you like and is safe. Smoking and lots of drinking can have a large and adverse effect on your hair growth and contribute to your hair loss.

Alopecia areata is the main cause of female pattern baldness and thinning. The condition that causes this in women is of the autoimmune variety of disorder. There is no real way to tell if you have this disorder on your own. Your family doctor is the only person to make that kind of diagnosis. Should you notice that your hair is thinning, then go see your doctor about that. This particular condition is certainly able to be treated, though. Because it is autoimmune there are ways that you can treat it. When you see your doctor, you’ll be given a way to treat it that will work best for you.

Menopause has the distinction of causing hair loss in a huge majority of cases with women. There are numerous changes that occur when menopause hits, and hair loss is among them. In fact, a woman loses more hair through shedding and other problems after she goes through menopause than she typically does beforehand. Her levels of estrogen will decrease, and that has an affect on other hormones and body chemistry. Unlike other types of hormone imbalances, however, in this case the hair loss cannot be brought back through hormone replacement therapy alone. There could be other options that you may be interested in, so speak with your family doctor.

Other causes of women’s hair loss include conditions of the chronic variety. It isn’t so much the medical condition, itself, as it is due to the medication that is being taken for the condition. Sometimes the hair loss is the symptom that helps the doctor diagnose your illness. Chronic conditions can be difficult for anyone, male or female, because it is lasting and permanent. These illnesses are not so much cured as they are maintained. The hair loss in these situations has to be accepted because very often times a particular medication has to be maintained and taken. You do have options in the area of coping with the hair loss, and there are some options for you – just talk to your doctor. Hair loss in women is due to many causes and situations in life. There are environmental, emotional, and physical scenarios and reasons. However, only your doctor can make an accurate determination. Whatever the cause, they will help you to find out for sure what it is. There are always options available, and what they are will depend on what exactly is causing your hair problems.

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