Why Are Korean Beauty Products So Popular?

Step into a beauty store and you can see Korean products. In fact, they’re all over. Korean products are being sold anywhere in Asia and beyond. Surely, they can never be left out.

What makes Korean beauty products highly in demand?

For one thing, the perfectly clear and luminous skin of Korean women has always been a root of envy. They’ve always been head-turners. In a way, people consider at them as beauty icons. People copy their fashion statement, hairstyle, and yes, make-up.

There’s no stopping the rising popularity of Korean beauty products particularly now that most Korean brands are constantly improving and increasing their product numbers. As South Korean women are now defining what beautiful means, Korean beauty products are also turing into a household name in Europe and the USA. In fact, when you Google beauty products, Korean beauty products are surely on top of the list.

As they believe that being beautiful goes with a heavy price tag, not just monetary though, but effort and commitment as well, Korean women put so much time on skin care.

Unlike the regular CTM (cleanser, toner, moisturiser), in Korea it has to be refiner, emulsion, essence and cream. And so, all Korea beauty brands carry these various skincare products.

Korean beauty products take pride on their competitive edge with excellent innovation, price-competitiveness, and packaging. Apparently, Korean cosmetics are cheaper than other top Asian and Western brands yet promise the same or even better results. Furthermore, Korean cosmetics are affordable as they observe a simplified distribution strategy (from headquarters directly to distribution outlets) thereby minimizing operational costs.

Korean beauty products give emphasis on battling against skin pigmentation and aging, which is why a typical Korean woman applies 17-18 products every day from primer to blusher.

To sustain a youthful and healthy skin, most Korean beauty products are manufactured from pure, natural ingredients to assure excellent care for your skin. They are intended to work from within, so skin care is more efficient and long-lasting.

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