When To Seek Out Medical Advice About Hair Loss

Our attitude towards our hair is personal and crucial. Some individuals see their hair as their crowning glory and hence it is a source of personal confidence. It is a personal catastrophe of the first magnitude for these individuals to start losing their hair.

It is a tragedy and their worst nightmare. Most people like their hair and want to keep it and then there are those who shave it off even though they do not have to.

All in all, this means that most individuals worry about their hair to a certain extent or another. Some people worry needlessly though. It is quite standard to lose about 100 hairs a day from your head. This is not just normal, it is vital to having a full head of healthy hair.

If you want to check you rate of hair loss, comb or brush your hair as usual and count the fall out. Take note however, that you will lose more after washing your hair, so rest with dry hair.

Some health care specialists say that the incidence of hair loss is not a function of age, but rather many factors including health, nutrition, diet, exercise. They say that age, race and sex are less important than we used to think.

if this is true, then it is worth doing a hair count from time to time and seeking medical advice if the count rises above 100 a day. In fact, the rapid onset of significant hair loss could be a sign of impending health problems.

One thing that you have to consider is heredity. Take a look at your grandparents and especially your grandmothers’ line. Do not forget that the egg that you came from was made in your maternal grandmother’s womb because baby girls are born with all the eggs that they will ever have.

This means that you were inside your maternal grandmother and were subject to all the health concerns that she suffered. The paternal grandfather does not play such a big role, but your father and his father do.

It is not guaranteed that you will follow them because your diet will be different, but it will give you a clue. of what your future head of hair might look like.

As you may imagine, terminal illness are very hard on the body’s resources and the medicines may be just| as severe in the short term, so do not be surprised if your body diverts resources away from your hair under these circumstances.

However, it might do so during less chronic bouts of illness, so remember to keep your strength up and suggest to your GP that you take supplemental vitamins.

If you decide that you ought to go to the doctor, because you are worried about your incidence of hair loss, make certain you tell him everything. Not only what you think is relevant, but about all your bad habits too like whether you drink too much, whether you burn the candle at both ends and whether you take recreational drugs.

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