What Makes Women’s Hair Loss Happen?

We all know why men lose their hair. However, you may not realize that women also have the problem with hair loss. There is some research that suggests that women can be more inclined to experiencing hair loss. Why then, do we not hear as much about women’s hair loss as we do about the various hair loss afflictions that affect men? We cannot provide a good answer for that. But we can talk about some of the reasons for women’s hair loss. If you are interested in learning more, all you have to do is keep reading!

For men, the genetic condition of hair loss is referred to as male pattern baldness. As you can imagine, some women experience the same condition, and it is commonly called female pattern hair loss. It’s similar to androgenic alopecia, but it’s different for women. The thing about women is that the pattern that the hair is lost is different. What normally occurs in men is the hair loss first appears in certain, usual locations, and then it slowly branches out from that spot. Women begin to thin at the crown, and all over the top, and it gets thinner.

One obvious cause that we’ll point out right away concerns the different treatments involving cancer therapy. Hair loss or significant thinning can be caused by chemotherapy treatments. Fortunately, there is so much help and support available to women in this category. Women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment can receive free wigs made from real hair by certain charitable organizations. Female hormones can cause this kind of situation, as well. When her hormones become imbalanced, quite a few different issues can arise. Things such as weight changes, or mood shifts, and of course changes in energy levels. The range of effect on hair include outright hair loss, or maybe some degree of thinning, but also an interruption in the growth cycle. If you notice changes in any of these areas over time, then of course the best thing to do is see your family doctor. Your doctor can check your hormones and tell you whether or not you need to start some hormone therapy to balance yourself out.

It is common with some chronic medical conditions for a woman to experience hair loss. It isn’t so much the medical condition, itself, as it is due to the medication that is being taken for the condition. In other cases, it is exactly the fact of the hair loss that allows the doctor to diagnose the medical problem. Chronic conditions can be difficult for anyone, male or female, because it is lasting and permanent. Then it becomes a situation of quality of life and effectively managing the illness. As is often the case, here, the hair loss has to be endured because the medication needs to be taken. Your physician is your best bet when it comes to options for dealing with the hair loss.

Women’s hair loss does not get as much press as men’s hair loss. Obviously, no one really knows for sure why this is so. Women may very well be more reluctant to seek professional help because they’re more sensitive about it which is understandable. Thankfully this is changing. Maybe with more patience and time things will change and women’s hair loss will be understood more.

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