What is the Most Effective Way to Handle Women’s Hair Loss?

Hair loss is equally traumatic for men and women alike. If your are a man you have many more options available to you because people have been working for years to find solutions for your issue. Women on the other hand are more limited. Up to a few years ago it was considered taboo for a woman to discuss her hair loss with anyone other than her physcian and even then it was frowned upon. Since women are now becoming more open about this issue the solutions are also “coming out” to help women cope with hair loss too. Suprisingly enough there are many more options for women now than there are for men. See below for a few interesting ways women are dealing with the loss of their hair.

Men who have hair loss problems often take Rogaine. There is, however, a similar drug for women. The women’s version, however, is called Minoxidil. Minoxidil, according to some research, may actually be more effective in treating women’s hair loss than Rogaine is for men’s. This is a drug that is applied topically, and simply by putting it on your head it helps to stimulate hair growth. Minoxidil is actually the only drug for hair growth that is FDA approved.

Shaving your head is one possibility, though it may shock some people!

As men start to lose their hair, or see it’s getting thin, they often go bald. There’s no reason why women can’t do this too. Women today do have this option, as it’s not considered unacceptable anymore. You only have to avoid getting sunburn on your scalp and keep it warm enough in winter. The advantage is that you no longer have all that hair that needs to be washed and styled. You’ll be able to save quite a bit of money that used to go to hair related products. As your hair starts to grow back, you may notice that your scalp itches, so be prepared for this. One thing you shouldn’t do is scratch too much, as this can cause nasty scabs to form on your scalp!

Cimetidine, or Tagamet, is a very popular women’s hair loss drug. This is technically a drug that has been used to block ulcers and histamines within your body. It is designed to prevent ulcers from developing in your body. While working on this, scientists discovered that it helped block androgen receptors in your body which reduce the effects of hair loss. Androgens are substances that can stop your hair from growing. When they are blocked, nothing in your body can keep your follicles from being productive. Yet, the FDA still hasn’t approved this drug for treating hair loss, so make sure you get a physician’s consent before taking it.

There are lots of ways to treat and deal with women’s hair loss. The more analyzing you do, the more apt you’ll be in uncovering a technique that will work for you. However, prior to testing anything out, you should consult your physician to be sure your selected technique of coping with your hair loss is safe. Remember-your hair loss could simply be a symptom of something else. This is why you should always seek professional medical advice. Hope all goes well! You’ll find what you are looking for if you just keep looking!.

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