What Everyone Should Know About Hair Micropigmentation Process

If your bald head had been your major concern, then you should try hair micropigmentation, which is a new method in hair loss treatment. Whether you are a man or a woman, having bald spots is never appealing. In fact, thin hair could even make anyone feel insecure and unattractive. Thus, you should end your misery caused by hair loss problems. You should undergo a new method in treating hair loss, as well as an effective way to cover up unsightly scars on the scalp.

The New Micropigmentation Process

If you have always been bothered about your thin hair or bald head, you should consult a specialist that could help you restore the fullness of your hair. Scalp micropigmentation is a precise method of treating hair loss problems, and the good results of this treatment last longer than the traditional hair loss solutions. Read along to learn about this advanced method of restoring the great quality of hair.

1. Well-trained and certified experts

Those who wish to undergo hair micropigmentation would have to talk to a consultant that could discuss the entire procedure. The client should state his needs and expectation to the consultant. Then, the specialist would measure, map and analyze the restoration area or section of the head that needs micropigmentation hair loss treatment.

2. Intricate and reliable procedure

Scalp micropigmentation is a process that involves the use of a very fine needle that is electrically-powered. The needle penetrates into the skin, and it releases a pigment that enters the epidermis. The pigment naturally replicates the look of millions of follicles.

3. The healing process and the expected results

The pigment introduced to the scalp will cure after 3 to 4 weeks. Once the pigment has cured, the expected look of a new head of hair is achieved. With this advanced procedure in micropigmentation hair loss treatment, the client could expect the pigment to stay in place even after several years.

4. Matching the pigment to the client’s needs

Because there are different types of pigment depending on the person’s race, the consultant would have to choose the best pigment that would match the client’s existing hair follicle. Hence, it is important to have the hair examined prior undergoing the scalp micropigmentation procedure. This way, the ideal look, would be achieved because of the perfect pigment used on the scalp.

5. Drug-free and non-surgical procedure

The best thing about hair micropigmentation is the safe and painless procedure involved in the restoration of the hair. Because the safe procedure does not involve the use of drugs, the client would not experience allergies or health problems after undergoing the procedure.

Because of the reliability of micropigmentation, many people prefer to undergo this hair loss treatment.

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