What Causes Women’s Hair Loss?

Women’s hair loss happens a lot more frequently than you might think. Another thing that is so surprising about this issue is that hair loss in women can often happen just as much as it does in men, yet there’s so much more awareness about the condition in men. What are the reasons for more awareness of male hair loss?

Medical treatments for cancer are one definite cause for this condition in women. Thinning and loss of hair due to chemotherapy is a well-documented side-effect. Women who are in this group can easily find more than enough information and support for their hair loss. One great gesture for women concerns the existence of charity groups that collect wigs made of real hair, and then they supply them to women to wear while they wait for their hair to return to normal.

Pregnancy is another condition that can have a huge impact on a woman’s hair. The effect is that some experience rapid hair growth, but for other women the opposite happens. What happens after childbirth is that for the women who grew more hair, and faster, all that hair will fall out, or shed, at the same fast rate.

The medical community is well aware of the significant role that stress can have with women’s hair loss. The amount of hair growth and loss you experience is influenced by the stress in your life. It just depends, really, but it’s the experience of some women that they will lose more hair with high stress. Some women find that their hair does not grow as much when they are stressed. Here’s a quick and fast technique; it’s just simple breathing but you should take long and deep breaths that will relax you. That will be an excellent time to take a very quick time-out to relax each day. As you know, as well, relaxation is good for many other reasons in addition to healthy hair.

Menopause is one of the leading contributors to women’s hair loss. There are numerous changes that occur when menopause hits, and hair loss is among them. Sometimes massive shedding of hair happens after menopause has completed. The marked decrease in estrogen after menopause causes a ripple effect throughout her body. But unfortunately, a woman’s hair cannot be made to replace what has been lost through hormonal replacement therapy. But again, you should speak with your physician about possible options. Women’s hair loss gets no where near the same amount of awareness as men’s hair loss. It’s a fact that women experience this condition in equal numbers as men. There are so many conditions and causes for hair loss in females. But we wanted to discuss some of the more commonly seen reasons.

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