What Causes Hair Loss?

25% of the whole male American population suffers from male pattern baldness (MPB). That’s a huge number. That’s 40 million people. That’s the whole population of Iowa and California combined. And by saying whole I really mean whole — women, toddlers, hobos, children — ALL. That’s what Medem Medical Library says, at least. And there’s no serious reason not to believe them.

The Most Serious Lack of Education

40 million is a great number and you would think that since MPB affects so many people, the society should be well-educated on the problem. Well, you’re wrong. Society is not educated at all. Society still believes that the main cause of baldness is high stress level and sexual frustration resulting in serious lack of happiness. That’s a really depressing vision, isn’t it? But it’s worse than that.

Look at this: the most recent studies state that 25% of males start balding before reaching age 30. Now attempt to imagine what this type of kiddo must undergo, when his hairline starts to recede (what makes him feel very bad) and he’s aware that the ones around him believe like there is actually something wrong going with him.

The Real Cause of Male Pattern Baldness

The truth is even more shocking than all of that false believes, than all of those myths which were developed during ages of knowledge blindness. The real truth is that balding is in most cases caused by a “baldness gene”.

Which gene it is, nobody knows at that moment particularly but American Medical Association states that there is a 4 in 7 chance of receiving it. As studies performed by scientists all over the world show, there are eight candidates and it’s very probable that all of them are the right ones.

Ah, Those Genes

There is no need to name each and every one of them because of their strange and funny names (like like an allele located at 3q26 or P2RY5). Those don’t say much and even mentioning them is completely useless. There is one thing important to state, however — the studies that prove the connection between genetics and hair loss were performed by scientists from Japan to Germany to Malaysia, to name only few. It’s not very usual for scientists to agree on any subject as much as they do about hair loss cause.

All those findings shed a new bright light, these are the warm and shiny light at the end of the tunnel. They destroy painful myths, they point us in the right direction. They indicate, that there’s nothing wrong with the bald ones.

It’s time that we reconsider our viewpoint on balding and revise all those urban legends and common believes. For the science has spoken. And it would be really stupid not to listen to it.

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