What Caused Hair Loss Like Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that can occur in the hair on the head, in the beard, on the eyebrows, and maybe even cause eyelashes to fall out. Generally speaking losing patches of hair is a sign that something is definitely wrong.

Symptoms of hair loss vary according to the causes, for instance Alopecia universalis will cause you to lose hair all over the body as well as your scalp, while Alopecia areata only causes hair loss on your scalp.

Science is not yet certain about the exact triggers and causes of alopecia, but it is certain that the results are shattering for most people and can be severely traumatic. Only some sportspeople may enjoy the relief from body hair removal procedures normally required for athletes like swimmers and bodybuilders.

If you find yourself wondering if your hair loss is normal – some amount of hair loss is normal – or a case of alopecia areata, you should consult with your physician. Specific causes of alopecia are unknown, but there is some tendency for it to be inherited.

You may be one of the small percentage of people with inherited hair problems. The good new is that there are many treatments available nowadays for the full range of causes, even if you do have a family history or hair thinning or baldness.

Once you talk to your doctor about your hair problems it is likely that a skin biopsy or other tests may be conducted. Or you may be referred to a skin specialist for further examination.

He or she will also likely treat it with topical corticosteroids, subcutaneous injections of steroids, and ultraviolet lights. You may also consider some other treatments such as biotin supplements and a change in dietary habits that includes healthier foods.

The good news is that with treatment, conditions like alopecia areata to tend to respond well and you are likely to experience full hair growth again. It is important to seek diagnosis and begin treatment as soon as possible once you notice thinning of your hair, as if it is left untreated you may end up with permanent hair loss.

If you are beginning to notice a lot of hair left on the shower floor or in the bathroom sink and begin to notice little bald patches on your scalp or eyebrows, you should seek the advice of your physician. By definition, alopecia areata has no known cause, but there are discernible reasons for other types of hair loss.

If you are more stressed than usual, or have begun a new course of medication you may notice changes in your hair health and condition. Sometime your daily diet is simply lacking in certain vitamins. As you age you also experience a drop in your hair condition and thickness. Other times the hair loss could be a symptom of a serious illness that requires immediate treatment, so it is important to treat it as a symptom of your overall health that needs to be checked with your doctor. The sooner the cause is identified and treatment is begun, the sooner you can look forward to healthy hair again.

If you experience more hair loss than you think is normal, there are many natural remedies you can use to improve your hair growth. Get your free hair loss prevention report when you visit.

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