What are the best hair cutting tools?

The best hair cutting tools are always made of top quality steel. When hairdressers, stylists and cosmetology professionals select their private sets of cutting tools, they often choose instruments that have been made from either heat tempered stainless-steel or the preferred Japanese hard steels. While there are ads devoted to the titanium-clad metal cutters, titanium tools are not always among the finest choices for cutting hair.

What are the best hair cutting tools?

Immaculate Steel: When folks call metal: Chrome Steel, this fancy sounding term can be describing a spread of metals that come in different kinds of strengths. When barbers, stylists and cosmetology workers need to buy suitable haircutting tools, they have to be careful to get a set of cutting tools that are made of the best grades of steel that are available. Not all immaculate metal cutting tools have the same properties.

Scissor and shear makers will probably list a number beside their immaculate tool catalogue definitions. Metal tools that are designated as ?Number 7? Or ?Number 8? Steel products will have the mirror-like finish that most people expect to find on their haircutting tools. The will also be a longer number that is used to describe the cutting tool metals; the longer metal numbers are describing the hardness and strengths of the metal formulas.

Good stainless-steel scissors will generally hold a metal toughness and strength number of 440. This number will be followed by a rating letter, or groups of letters. The letter ?A? Is the worst rating letter that any stainless-steel cutting tools can have. The letter ?C? Is the best rating letter that hairstyling shears and scissors receive. Tools that are made from steel that rates an ?A? Are often not applicable for use in pro hairstyling applications.

Japanese Steel: Japanese stainless steel formulas have been highly respected globally for generations. The best grades of Japanese steel for haircutting tools will wear the hardness and strength name of ?J2? In many situations. Japanese steel formulas use less carbon and more chromium than other formulas and this allows for cutting tools to be made with the popular convex cutting edges. Japanese scissors are top quality gear.

The titanium-clad hairstyling shears, scissors and thinners will most likely wear the metal rating marks that are connected with chrome steel and Japanese steel products. A layer of titanium metal is bonded over standard steel tools to form the titanium-clad products. Irrespective of what the interior steel rating numbers might be, the thin titanium layer of material is a problem which will wear off during normal sharpening processes. The best hair cutting tools are always those that come with the best rating info.

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