Various Causes Of Hair Loss And Rectification

Hair loss could take place because of several reasons. Most of it could be caused by hormonal changes, irritation to the scalp or short hair shafts. Each person experience a different growth cycle and rest period for their hair. Normally people shed about 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day. It is not possible to notice this loss when you have millions of strands of hair. However, once your hair starts shedding, it will slowly make you bald. There are three main causes of hair loss:

Hormonal changes occur in the body which brings about temporary hair loss for some. This could result when women are nearing menopause, when they are expecting or deliver a child, take birth control pills or even if they develop an overactive thyroid. Though women may notice that their hair grows very thick when they are expecting, they will notice rapid hair loss after childbirth. When there is overproduction of testosterones, this problem occurs generally.

Many women use styling tools regularly to treat their hair which cause damage. When hair is bleached, tinted, dyed or straightened often, it causes extensive damage. The other reasons are also attributed to regular use of styling heated tools and excessive brushing. The hair gets damaged at the roots and falls.

The scalp can also get infected with conditions such as ringworm which also leads to hair fall. This can be treated and hair can again re-grow normally.

In the first and third cases, you can get help by getting a doctor to treat you. However, you can solve the second problem by making sure you use good styling products for your hair. Use hot oil treatments and apply packs with protein to ensure that your hair is not damaged. Scour the internet and check out the causes of hair loss and ways to re-grow hair faster. Try opting for natural products or get medication that will help restore hair quickly.

Many of us neglect to use the natural elements that can be efficiently used when learning how to make your hair grow faster.

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