Understanding Female Hair Loss DC

The hair that grows on your scalp can be a reflection of how healthy, or how unhealthy, your body is. Simply put, in order to prevent female hair loss DC women have to make sure they stay in good health. The following are some important things to know about some common conditions. female hair loss DC

For females between the age of thirteen and thirty five, a loss of 100 strands daily is natural. It can only be considered problematic if you start noticing more strands than usual on your comb, in your shower, or on your pillow. This probably means that the shedding is distributed all over your scalp.

This type of condition cannot be treated at home. A specialist will take a complete family history and ask about any recent stress that you have been through. This, along with your hormone levels and blood composition will determine the recommended treatment.

The most important thing is to stay calm throughout the treatment period. The fact that a transplant is not a reasonable option for this condition can cause stress. Stress, however, will lead to damaging even more strands.

If the shedding occurs in patches, you may be suffering from an auto-immune disease called Alopecia Areata. For the vast majority of people with this condition, it will grow back. The loss can sometimes recur, but it is hardly ever permanent.

If the roots of your hairs are intact, but the strands are becoming thinner and breaking, try including more vitamins, iron, and proteins in your diet. Trimming your split ends, shampooing less often, and giving yourself a break from hot tools such as blow dryers and curling wands will help you bring your haircut back to its previous volume. With committing to the previous steps, female hair loss DC women exhibit from this condition should drastically decrease within just a few weeks.

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