Ties Between Celiac And Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones. It occurs due to lack of sufficient supplies of vitamin D and calcium in the body. Celiac on the other hand is caused by lack of digestion and absorption of the two food substrates. Vitamin D and calcium are very crucial in the formation of strong bones. Celiac disease occurs when a protein called gluten is not well synthesized in the body. It is a natural protein found in wheat, rye, oats and barley among other cereals.

Celiac leads to the distraction of the villa of the small intestines which are essential in food digestion and absorption. Digestion and absorption of calcium and digestion of vitamin D and calcium becomes a problem. The result of this is frequent diarrhea and malnutrition are experienced. Bones then become weak and fragile and start wearing out.

The only good thing is that, this disease can be managed or even prevented altogether. There by including large quantities of the deficient nutrients in the body, reduces the chances and effects of osteoporosis. If the case is very critical, osteoprotegerin can be administered by a qualified physician. This is a protein that reduces wearing down of bone tissue.

Celiac diagnosis is a big challenge to most people. This is because it is likely to be mistaken by the existing and related ailments. These are head ache, ulcerative colitis, gut disorders, Irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal infection. One may resort to treat these instead of the real disease. This therefore results to the disease development to uncontrollable levels.

Osteoporosis and celiac have no specific ages they infect. They infect all ages be it children or adults. Stable measures need to be put in place to combat these harmful diseases. The first thing is to avoid food that contains gluten; these are canned soup and pasta among others. This will reduce the chances of getting celiac disease that cause osteoporosis. If the condition worsens then one needs to see a doctor.

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