The Success Of Traditional Chinese Herbs To Hair Loss Treatment

The healthy growth of hair depends on the sufficient flow of blood to its roots and to the scalp itself. Therefore normal growth will naturally be affected if this flow is somehow hindered. Certainly genetic factors can influence any reduction in growth and an unhealthy diet can also be a factor. The general western diet, that can often include a high intake of dairy products and fast food items, is particularly relevant to the problem. However, blood deficiency can be helped and this is where the relationship of traditional Chinese herbs to hair loss treatment comes in.

The practice of herbology is, in fact, one of the prominent practices within Chinese medicine. Herbal remedies themselves have a history reaching back for centuries. The whole process, however, is a complex one and no-one without the necessary knowledge and experience (and this can be considerable) can expect to either prepare them or administer them effectively.

Each individual herbal treatment can often be a complicated concoction of a variety of herbs that are carefully mixed to suit the requirements of each patient. The mixture usually consists of one or two main ingredients that are deemed to be the best suited to target the illness. Other ingredients will then be added both to adjust the formula to the specific yin/yang makeup of the particular patient as well as to counter any possible side-effects of the main herbs.

Therefore Chinese herbology often makes use of all the different parts of each particular plant, including the leaf, the stem, the flower and the root. Ingredients which have been extracted from both animals and minerals can also often be incorporated into the final formula.

The herbs themselves are generally prepared in several different ways. They can, when raw, simply be boiled and then consumed as a tea or decoction. More generally, however, they tend to be manufactured and then sold in the form of either pills or capsules. The rarest form of remedy is when the herbs are actually applied by way of a plaster.

There are several different formulas which are known to help in the prevention of hair loss. One that is considered by many as the most effective is that which is known to the Western world as polygoni multiflori of FoTi. In the East it is usually referred to as He Shou Wu which literally means old Mr He. It is so named because of the legend that tells of how our Old Mr He’s grey and thinning hair was restored to its former glory. This happened after he spent some time surviving by eating the root of the plant when lost in the forest.

But perhaps better known is the popular herb Ginseng. This is most usually consumed as a tea infusion and is said to be a great healing remedy for hair loss. Having been used in Chinese medicine for more than two millennia the facts probably speak for themselves.

Finally there is also an effective medicine that links traditional Chinese herbs to hair loss treatment and that is Goto Kola. This popular herb is known to be specifically effective in treating age-related hair loss and male pattern baldness.

Many men are intrigued by techniques to prevent hair loss safely and effectively. You can learn more about hair loss treatment for men by searching herbal formulas.

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