The Shady Practice Of Hair Restoration

A hair transplant is a surgical treatment to remedy alopecia of the thinning scalp, eyebrows, for example. Hair loss treatments have advanced with new and cutting edge systems. However; these new methodologies are barely utilized. Have ethical boundaries been crossed due to financial influence and greed?

The cutting edge hair transplant procedure performed today is called the ‘Follicular Unit Extraction ‘ (FUE) strategy. This method of hair restoration results in natural hairline results, using Micrografts, with nearly invisible donor scaring (where hair is harvested). There are over 1000 hair restoration physicians in the U.S. And less than 10% offer this superior hair loss treatment technique. Why is this?

In the 1950’s the Japanese pioneered the strip method – micrograft strategy, using 1-4 hairs per graft yielding natural hairline results and long linear ‘acceptable ‘ donor scaring. Nevertheless US hair transplant doctors opted to utilise the ‘plug technique ‘, comprising 10-20 hairs per graft, yielding unnatural hairline results and massive donor scaring. This surgical baldness technique was fast, relatively simple, and highly profitable. It took over 40 years to convert from the plug method to the strip methodology…but why? Because for the plug system, the technical ability required was less and the profits were larger.

Today we are challenged with the same resistance: changing from the strip strategy to the improved FUE hair loss treatment method. The FUE strategy demands talent and time, both of which lessen hospital profits thus providing the motivating force to maintain the existing strip method technique.

It'll take many decades for this shift to the much better surgical hair transplant FUE strategy to ‘take root ‘ and become the conventional hair-loss therapy procedure. This new method has been available for at least 10-years…and many patients, even after a Hair Restoration Consultation, have still never heard of it.

Doctor. Loria is respected as a pioneer in the Lexus Fue hair transplant process that provides one of the finest hair loss treatments for hair restoration.

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