The Many Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

Everyone understands very well that hair loss for men is a very difficult condition to deal with. But women’s hair loss is equally traumatizing and even devastating. Women’s hair loss is a major problem all over the world. In the western world, in particular, it can be a major cause of shame and embarrassment. There are social expectations about women and hair, and just one of them is that women don’t, and shouldn’t, lose their hair. The realization and process of losing her hair or watch it fall out can be much more devastating for a woman. There is an equal amount of hair loss incidence in both genders. What are some of the causes of this hair loss?

Some medications that women take will definitely cause hair loss for them. One widely known procedure, chemotherapy, will cause this to happen. Also for other medications, it’s just the interaction between the drug and a woman’s chemistry that causes hair loss. But it’s not always a case of hair actually falling out. So what happens is that the cycle of hair growth is interrupted, and it stops growing. This can make it look like a woman is suffering from hair loss when she is actually suffering from no hair growth. So it will be very difficult to tell the difference if you don’t know. There’s another condition that can produce hair loss and that is anemia. Lots of women face at least mild anemia because of their biological cycles. It’s common for women’s vitamin supplements to contain iron in higher than normal amounts to compensate and support higher than normal needs. But the good news is a deficiency of iron is something that can easily be taken care of through diet and other means. Never make any attempts to give yourself treatment if you believe you’re anemic. You can only receive a correct and professional diagnosis through blood tests recommended by your doctor. Sometimes this condition can be severe enough to warrant medication. Just remember that a visit to the doctors office is completely recommended.

The primary cause of thinning and baldness in women is alopecia areata. This is an autoimmune disorder. There is no real way to tell if you have this disorder on your own. You have to get a diagnosis by a doctor. So just see your doctor if you notice any thinning of your hair. This particular condition is certainly able to be treated, though. The reason it can be treated is due to the fact that it involves the autoimmune functions. So your doctor can help you determine the best approach to your treatment.

Ok, so women’s hair loss so far does not get an equal amount of media attention as is given for men. There are many different conditions and situations in which women can experience hair loss, or slowed growth, or even thinning.

Most of them cannot be controlled. They have to do with hormone levels and family medical history. Some hair loss is temporary and some conditions are lasting. For hair loss issues, the very best approach is to get in and let your doctor figure out what’s going on.

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