Taking Proper Care Of The Hair Can Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is a big problem for both women and men and although this is an age-related menace that commonly occurs on the late 30s onwards, youngsters too are having problems with hair loss. Today, you will find lots of hair loss cases in youngsters specially teens.

Teenage hair loss is uncommon and shouldn’t take place simply because this is the age of growth. When you’re at your teens, everything is growing particularly your hair. Actually, hair is growing everywhere, specifically for boys. So there’s no purpose to get hair loss at this age.

How does hair loss occur in teens?

Well, the reason why teenagers experience hair loss is because they abuse their hair !!! They put all sorts of stuff on their hair – gel, mousse, hair spray, hair colours and dyes, plus excessive ironing, perms — you name it. Naturally, the hair can endure all this stuff since the roots are nevertheless young and lively but an excessive amount of these chemical substances and over-styling can weaken even the most strongest of hair.

Probably the most devastating part of it is: abuse your hair today and it will be gone tomorrow. This is true, since the numbers of hair follicles we have since birth are the same hair follicles we will have until death. Hair follicles don’t regenerate or multiply yet nevertheless some are destroyed. And if the hair follicle is damaged, it is damaged forever. So it is crucial to take good care of your hair and scalp.

Taking good care of your hair and scalp is really easy, just wash your hair every day and that’s it. But be wary when selecting products simply because most of them are chemical based and so immediately after chronic use, they can damage hair. Selecting an herbal based product like Nisim Shampoo and Conditioner won’t damage your hair even after years of use due to the fact it doesn’t contain any chemical substances. Nisim only contains natural herb extracts, amino acids and B-complex vitamins. The fact is, the longer you use Nisim the better, simply because it supplies all of the nutrients the hair needs for optimum growth.

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