Take Some Simple Steps To Make Hair Grow Faster

Millions of men and women ask themselves the question: How Can I Make Hair Grow Faster? The answer: It is both simple and inexpensive to grow hair quickly. Thinning hair and spit ends can be treated with some easy daily practices that don’t cost a fortune. Here are some commonly asked questions on how to grow hair faster:

##Do Vitamins Help Make Hair Grow Faster?

Yes, specifically Vitamin E and Vitamin B complex. Hair consists of 80% protein that are fed by the Vitamin B complex mainly. Vitamin E is also advantageous since it supplies a natural conditioner to skin thus stimulating the hair follicle.

There are many types of vitamin mixtures on the market that are labeled ‘hair, skin and nail vitamins.’ They are the most efficient way to ensure one gets the full benefits of vitamins for hair growth.

##Should I Avoid Haircuts and Trims?

No! It may sound counterintuitive when you want to grow hair quickly you should have it trimmed, but it is true. Hair is subjected to dry air, sun, cold/hot weather, styling products and styling tools. And all of these promote split ends. When hair has split ends, it will break up easily. Breaking hair is not going to gain length.

Inform your stylist that you will be trying to grow out your hair and to only take off the bare minimum split ends. They might also be able to provide you with suggestions on how to grow hair faster.

##Are There Any At-Home Remedies to Make Hair Grow Faster?

Yes! Among the most favored hair conditioning treatments are home concoctions. If you want to grow hair quickly, the solution is as close as the kitchen cupboards. Conditioning hair is an important step in quick hair growth.

One of the better natural conditioners is olive oil. Women of the Mediterranean seaside villages have used extra virgin olive oil on their hair to shield it from sun as well as heat damage. Just pour a quarter size amount in your hand and spread throughout hair.

For severely dry hair (which can be very prone to breakage leading to sluggish growth), blend a tablespoon of olive oil, one egg yolk and a spoon of honey. Whip the egg until beaten and add to the oil and honey. Mix until elements are evenly combined and work through hair.

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