Sudden Hair Loss

Lots of people all over the world experience sudden hair loss and the two main reasons for this happening are the persons genes and how much stress they are under each day. Usually though, the people who lose their hair through inherited hair loss will usually do so over an extended period of time, stretching in most cases to many years. Sudden hair loss is were the hair begins to fall out very quickly usually in a matter of months or even weeks. In extremes cases you will actually find more hair being pulled out of the head and ending up on your hair brush. Although hair loss is most common in men, it can also happen to women as well.

If you are looking to hold onto your hair for longer you should try to relax and eliminate stress from your life. Severe stress can cause sudden hair loss because it interferes with the body hormones and the body isn’t able to operate at its best. The result of this can be very bad your your overall health and well being, with one of the results being hair loss. If you are finding that you are suddenly losing your hair fast, its very important that you receive professional help, to find the best answer to why it is happening to you. Each persons hair loss case is different, you may be losing your hair fast and have no stress in your life. It could be that you have a disease or scalp infection which is causing the hair loss. With the correct treatment, your doctor may be able to fix the problem before its becomes worst and unfixable.

People suffering with DHT may be experiencing sudden hair loss due to this, with the rapid hair loss maybe being down to genetic causes. Again by visiting your doctor, they may be able to administer medication such as a DHT blocker or a topical shampoo solution that can help to slow down the thinning of the hair and in some cases actually help the hair to grow back. Every person is different though what works for one person might not work for the next, so its very important to always seek out the best professional help when it comes to hair loss and especially sudden hair loss.

We have covered the effect of stress regarding hair loss, but there is a disease called Alopecia which can cause rapid hair loss. The are different forms of Alopecia. There is Alopecia Areata which will leave the scalp with bald spots, with the hair falling out suddenly in patches. There is Alopecia Totalis which is total hair loss all over the scalp and there is Alopecia Universalis which is hair loss all over the body. This disease is not pretty so its very important to seek professional help as quickly as you can.

When you visit a doctor to find out the causes of your sudden hair loss, usually the first thing that they will do is administer blood tests to find out if there are any infections or hormonal problems. Rapid hair loss can be a very traumatic experience and a lot of people will rush out to the shops to purchase every hair loss product there is out there. This is not the answer, the answer is to first find out the underlying problem to the rapid hair loss, then you can determine the best treatment for the problem. Hair loss treatments are not cheap so before you waste your money find out the cause first, catch it early and you stand a better chance of treating this hair loss problem.

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