Stress and Hair Loss

Stress can play a very big role when it comes to hair loss. If you are stressed your bodies hormones are all over the place and out of balance. This hormonal imbalance can lead to many illnesses and can even lead to hair loss. If you are stress free and healthy your hair is more likely to be shiny and radiant in appearance, with your scalp being moist and a good place for your hairs to live and grow. If you are stressed your hair is more likely to appear dull and lifeless and in some cases will become waxy in appearance due to the over production of sebum through the sebaceous glands.

Stress plays a very important part of every one’s life, you need a bit of stress in your life to give you ambition and drive and the will to succeed. But you need to control this stress so that it doesn’t engulf you and overwhelm you. Extreme stress is a major factor in hair loss, so if you are experiencing hair loss. It would be a wise move to sit yourself down and try to figure out why you are so stressed. This is easier said than done, the extreme stress may be because you are losing your hair. So the hair loss problem is escalating and instead of happening in a slow manner you are rapidly losing your hair.

There are hundreds of different ways to tackle stress, with lots and lots of 500+ page books just talking about the subject of stress. Each person is different when it comes to tackling stress, what works for one person might not work for the next. The main thing you should be doing to tackle the problem of stress, is doing activities that make you happy and eliminating things from your life that are making you unhappy. Do your research, even speak to medical professionals if you are suffering from extreme stress. Because not only is your hair going to suffer from the stress but your overall health and well being is going to suffer as well.

Exercise plays a vital role in your general health and can also be a fantastic treatment for stress. Lots of people stress out big time about their weight and the way they look. By exercising not only are you going to become healthier and fitter, but your appearance is going to improve as well which is going to result in you looking better and feeling better about yourself. Which more importantly is going to result in your stress levels being seriously reduced. Try to relax, I know this hard especially in today’s modern and hectic lifestyle. But try sitting down in a quiet place were you won’t be disturbed and just concentrate your mind on you and feeling better about yourself for about twenty minutes each day.

The amount of sleep you get each day, can also effect your stress levels, if you are not getting a lot of sleep you are going to be tired and more stressed out. Look to get around at least eight hours of sleep each and every night. Anything less and your body is not going to operate at it optimum level. By getting more sleep you are going to be able to preform better in your job and everyday life which is going to lead to a reduction in your stress levels, which can lead to reduction in hair loss.

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