Outstanding Split-Ends Hair Treatment Tips You Can Use Right Now

Soft, silky locks look beautiful and feel great. But, nothing spoils them more than a bristly bottom edge. The following split-ends hair treatment tips can help you to avoid the worst of this problem. Dryness is the main problem that causes breaks. If you can avoid this drying out you can reduce the frequency with which splits appear.

Using appliances that are designed to work with heat can cause damage and breakage. Both curling and straightening can have the same effect. Even just using a hot air dryer can multiply the number of strands that break. If possible use natural drying techniques. If this is not possible use your styling appliances on the lowest heat setting you can get away with.

The chemicals in many dyes and bleaches can cause drying and this leads to brittleness and breakage. The ammonia in bleaches is particularly harsh. When you want to change your color think about going darker instead of lighter it takes less chemicals to do this. And, when your tresses are colored use care products specifically designed for this purpose. They contain additional moisturizing properties to help with dryness.

Some people feel that washing every day helps to keep their crowning glory in good condition. It is simply part of their routine. But, this can cause the natural oils to be stripped and increase the risk of dryness. Dry strands break more easily and the end result is more split ends. Vigorously scrubbing shampoo into your scalp and locks can also cause damage. It is more likely tangles and knots will occur if bunches are scrunched up when washed. Then, when a brush is pulled through the tangles breaks occur.

There are many care products available to treat damage to your tresses. Deep conditioning treatments are particularly good for preventing or reducing the frizzy appearance of damage done. Using a treatment once a week can help to keep the problem under control. Natural oils also work well.

Even just every day brushing can create breakage. Avoid getting tangles and knots and, if you do be very gentle in removing the tangles. First remove the worst of the tangles by gently working them out with your fingers. Pulling a brush through tangles is a very good way to get more breaks and tears. A wide toothed comb is a better option than a brush.

The only way to completely remove the broken parts at the bottom is to have them trimmed off. A trim every six to eight weeks should stop them from spreading too far up and keep their appearance under control. For an emergency temporary fix use hairspray. Spray the area quite heavily then use your hands to smooth the frizzy bits flat. As the spray sets it will hold them in place long enough for you to have a nice dinner out with friends.

Nobody likes split ends but everyone gets them. If your hair is naturally dry you will probably get more but they are controllable. Following these split-ends hair treatment tips for good care will result in less of a problem overall. And, have you looking and feeling good.

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