Some Points About Laser Hair Therapy

In exploring the truth about laser hair therapy, one must understand the impact of the global youth and beauty craze on the development of new age reversal technologies. This passion has been fed by the advent of a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures performed in the search for eternal youth.

Laser therapy has become a preferred procedure for removal as the technology has advanced. The number of overall cosmetic procedures performed annually is staggering, reaching ten million in 2009 alone. Since the tracking began in the late 1990s, the growth pattern has risen well over the 100% mark.

The practice of hair removal goes as far back as the Egyptians. Interestingly this was employed by men more than women, in order to achieve a smooth and sleek upper torso. Chemical treatments known as depilatories have been used for hundreds of years in various forms. They may be fast acting, but only last until the next growth period. In more modern times, electricity was harnessed in a procedure known as electrolysis. An electrical current is applied to deaden the follicles. This process can produce longer, if not permanent results but it only recommended for limited areas of treatment such as the face.

Technology is the basis for the development of laser therapies. These procedures are considered non-invasive forms of cosmetic procedures. During the process, a pulsed beam of light is used to destroy follicles at the root. Repeated appointments are needed because the light only destroys new growth. The treatment is appropriate for both men and women.

The multiple treatments are usually scheduled within 30 or 60 days of one another. The length of time is determined by the growth pattern of the client. All growth does go through the growth and dormant stages. Some people, however grow at a faster or slower rate than others.

To ensure the greatest comfort during the procedure, the laser is fitted with a device that will cool the skin at all phases of the process. The speed at which the technology can be employed is one of its greatest attributes. This can be a minute or to up to an hour. The time involved is directly related to the amount of area being treated. Once all of the growth phases have been treated, it is very likely that the removal process will be long lasting.

There are certain determinations that earmark the best candidates for the therapy treatment. The first is the color of the hair. The more the pigmentation, the darker the color and the greater likelihood of long term or permanent results. Although the growth follicles will be destroyed in the process, there is a delay of a few weeks before the hair is actually gone. This can be helped along by rubbing the treated areas. Caution is advised in protecting newly treated areas against the sun.

Although a non-surgical procedure, it is important to discuss all of the facts about laser hair therapy with the physician employing the procedure. Understanding the type of technology being used and the risks involved, if any, is a major consideration prior to starting the treatments.

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