Simple Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

The first realization that you might be losing your hair can be very disturbing. Most people take a lot of pride in their hair and, consequently, would like to keep it. Even though you may be able to buy, or learn, different methods for growing your hair back, the first thing you need to do is find out why you lost it in the first place. Age or pattern baldness can be the cause of thinning hair. However distasteful this may be, it’s a fairly common and normal occurrence. On the other hand, if you have suffered excessive hair loss over a short period of time, you need to check it out.

There are certain causes that can even make women lose their hair at unexpected times. Hair loss can happen for women while they are pregnant, and even afterward. When a woman becomes pregnant, the resulting high levels of hormones can result in hair loss among other symptoms. The hair loss is only a short-term condition, and therefore is nothing to get worked up over. A certain amount of hair regularly falls out, but this can increase for women, when they reach menopause. Since this is an issue with hormones, consulting your doctor is a good idea when this starts to happen. To get the hair loss under control, you will need to make some changes in your life, including adding nutritional supplements, but that might not eliminate it altogether. Scalp infections are one potential hair loss cause that you should know about. Ringworm, as an example, isn’t actually a worm but rather a fungus which can cause hair loss by invading your scalp. Even though it’s observed more in children, it can affect anybody at any age. Hair loss can also be caused by another fungal infection, called tinea capitis, which also attacks the scalp. You can treat infections with anti-fungal medications, however you should get them sorted ASAP. Not sharing towels with others and practicing good hygiene is one way of avoiding these infections, as they’re contagious. If you belong to a gym, wear sandals rather than walking around the locker room in bare feet.

Pattern baldness is a normal cause of hair loss, but it isn’t as common in women as it is in men. Since it’s a genetic disposition built into your DNA, it can happen at any age. It all depends on your genes. Some people, for example, may start losing their hair in the twenties or even earlier. In most cases, pattern baldness begins with a receding hairline and eventually affects the whole top of the head. There’s not a lot you can do about the genes you inherited, so you will probably not meet much success treating your hair loss with pharmaceuticals, supplements, or herbs. Laser treatment or hair transplant surgery might be effective, though these can be costly procedures.

One contribution to your hair loss may be the products you use to care for your hair, if you happen to be sensitive to them. It’s especially worrying if you tend to use lots of different hair products like gels, shampoos and coloring, especially if they’re made with chemicals that are harsh. Your hair and scalp may be damaged by the extended use of these products, or certain chemicals may be triggering allergic reactions. If you have any doubt about the products you’re using, it’s best to cut back and use only basic products, such as a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Frequently tinting, dying or bleaching your hair can cause some damage, which is especially true if the ingredients contain strong chemicals. You can use natural and organic dyes for your hair, like henna. In conclusion, hair loss can be caused by plenty of things. So get to a doctor ASAP if you are finding more and more hair on your pillow and you do not know why. In the majority of cases, the cause is genetic.

At this point, you will have to accept it and get a good toupee or wig. However, you still want to know what is happening and why.

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