Should You Use Fruit For At Home Teeth Whitening?

Many people reject commercial products that aim to whiten the teeth, in favor of natural at home teeth whitening methods. And one of the natural alternatives most often mentioned is to use lemons, rubbing the peel across the teeth or drinking lemon juice with a bit of salt, or to mash up some strawberries and actually brush with them. Many people who advocate the use of fruits in this way often say they see noticeable tooth whitening within a few days. Yet despite their supposedly healthy qualities, these fruits still may not turn out to be the best solution.

Using lemons as an at home teeth whitening method depends on citric acid to do the whitening. Yet the means by which this acid creates the whiter effect is to leech calcium from the enamel. Since it’s the calcium itself that makes the teeth a sort of off white rather than white, removing it does fulfill the goal of making the teeth much whiter. But losing the calcium also makes the teeth weaker, with thinner enamel. Add to this the extra sugar in the fruit, and this tooth whitener could ultimately become responsible for more cavities.

Are strawberries any better as a homemade tooth whitener? Probably not. Its seeds are coarse and can abrade and harm your teeth, and the acid can have a similar outcome to that in lemons. In actual fact, the acid in strawberries actually makes the enamel softer. That is the reason why it’s advised that a person should wait twenty minutes subsequent to eating them before brushing the teeth, to provide the saliva an opportunity to replenish the minerals within the enamel. Using strawberries themselves to brush the teeth, especially as a regular habit, is probably not the best strategy for achieving whiter teeth.

There’s an irony involved in using at home teeth whitening methods that make tooth enamel thinner and weaker. For the most part, the yellowish color of teeth comes from the dentin inside, and the color shows through the enamel, which is translucent. So if that enamel gradually becomes thinner, this yellowish color will eventually become more prominent. A tooth whitener designed to remove yellow may ultimately make it more pronounced instead. It would seem that even though they sound healthier, using strawberries or lemons don’t serve the purpose of whitening teeth very well.

The truth is, with the majority of the teeth’s color dependent on the dentin, it might not truly be possible to whiten teeth much more than they were to start with. The more crucial assignment is to keep the teeth healthy, and a continual application of either lemons or strawberries is unlikely to accomplish that objective.

The popularity of teeth whitening products and procedures has grown enormously in the last little while. Lots of people are becoming aware that a white smile is a great way to look more attractive, not to mention younger. Find out what your choices are in an over the counter teeth bleaching product at the Teeth Bleaching site.

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