A Few Remedies For Hair Loss

Whether you are a man or a woman, loss of hair had been a worry to everyone throughout recorded history to today, irrespective of where you live. Loss of hair or baldness affects men much more than it does for women and takes a huge tax on the male psych. At present there is no one guaranteed remedy to prevent baldness, but by using one of several therapeutic techniques hair loss can be reduced. Use of herbs, changes in diet and massage of the scalp are frequent techniques. Though many people eye the use of herbs as a cure to baldness skeptically, it has been established that some herbs contribute a significant decrease in hair loss.

Dihydrotestosterone inhibitors found in herbs provide a scientific basis for use in herbs as a remedy for hair loss. The hormone, Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is the primary contributed to baldness. Therefore herbs that contain chemicals inhibiting synthesis and metabolism of DHT prevent hair loss. The enzyme 5-alpha reductase synthesizes DHT. The DHT inhibitors found in herbs also stop the functioning 5-alpha reductase. Herbs like nettle roots, pygeum and palmetto contain in effective quantities of anti DHT agents and taking food that contain these chemicals will stop a rapid loss of hair.

A balanced diet that includes all the nutrients curbs hair loss. These nutrients that can only be obtained from a well-rounded diet are vital for the continued growth and preservation of hair follicles. Foods that are rich in Zinc show a clear anti DHT affects and green leafy vegetables and legumes that are rich in Zinc must be part of the diet. Excessive consumption of junk food interferes with the normal metabolic functions of your body. Reduction in metabolic activity leads to the decrease in hair growth and lessen the volume of hair in general. Limited circulation around the scalp is one of the primary reasons for baldness.

When you regularly massage the scalp, circulation in increased by stimulating the capillaries carrying blood to the hair follicles and which are lying beneath the skin. Massaging will also stimulate the epidermis and dermis. When the amount of blood flowing through the capillaries increase, it will guarantee that nutrients needed for hair follicles growth reach the scalp. In addition the supply of oxygen to hair follicles is increased. This allows continued maintenance of the strength and volume in the follicles.

Hair loss is a matter of great embarrassment to a majority of the male population as it undermines their self-esteem in many ways, whether it is in the office, among friends or at home. Before going ahead with many complicated procedures that claim to be the solution for hair loss, try to adopt these few simple methods to prevent hair loss. Many of the hair loss solutions that promise miracles are usually just scams. It is always better not to put yourself at risk trying out these methods. There is no miracle cure for hair loss, hard work and dedication to a few simple remedies is the key to prevent it.

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