Poison Ivy Identification And Methods To Allow The Itch And Pain To Stop

Poison Ivy is a vine that is usually found growing up trees in the woods. The vine looks raggy or hairy and from the vine grows leaves in clusters of three almond shaped leaves. These leaves are light to dark green and do not contain any thorns. They are usually smooth and shiny and turn red in the fall. The leaves produce an oil called urushiol which, if touched, can cause a nasty rash.

This rash is the most aggravating rash known to man. It itches and hurts at the same time. It can spread all over the body and even creep into the body through any orifice that it can get into including the eyes, nose and genitals. When it does this it is a very serious problem and immediate professional help should be sought.

A rash on the skin is red and irritated and can have little bumps that may turn into blisters. These blisters can break open and a liquid can come forth. Although it is unlikely that the rash will spread by scratching the blisters it can cause another infection that will hurt even worse. It is advised that the individual avoid itching to the point of putting on some gloves to stop themselves. The reason you get a rash is because you are allergic to the oil. Not all people are allergic it and can stand in a patch of the plant without having any affect. Do not take the chance if you do not know if you are allergic or not.

Blisters that break open release a fluid so it is very important not to scratch the rash. Breaking open those blisters can start another infection that makes it hard to get rid of. The rash will appear after about 12 to 48 hours of touching the plant and it usually lasts anywhere from 1 and up to 4 weeks.

You do not have to touch poison ivy to get a rash. If the plant is burned and the smoke inhaled it is possible for it to affect the lungs and this could cause death in some cases. If a pet brushes against it and you touch the pet it can be transferred to you. Touching dead poison ivy leaves can infect you because the urushiol can last for several years after the vine dies.

Should you notice that you have touched a leaf of this plant you need to quickly, within 10 minutes wipe the area that was touched with some rubbing alcohol. Next use the garden hose and rinse the area. If you go inside to rinse be sure you use cold water as anything else will allow the oil causing the reaction to spread to a larger area. Avoid getting into a bathtub full of water because that will certainly spread the rash where you do not want it to go. Rinse to not soak the area.

The next thing you should do is put on some disposable gloves and take off the clothes and shoes you were wearing and discard the gloves. Take a shower but do not use soap. Instead take the soap you use to wash dishes but make sure it does not have lotion in it and it does have a grease repellent. Put more gloves on and wash down your shoes and clothing with water and alcohol. The poison oil can cling to your clothing and if you put it in the washer you could infect the everyone in the house.

If you get a rash carefully rub steroid cream to stop the itch and take an oral antihistamine. You can get into the bathtub with luke warm water in which is dissolved about three tablespoons of baking soda. An old remedy is to make a batch of oatmeal using Old Fashion Oats. Cool it and spread it on to the affected area and let it dry. This will prevent air from getting to the rash and it will feel better. Eventually the oatmeal will flake and fall off and make a mess all over the house so once it dries you can loosely wrap the area with gauze.

There are several other remedies like dabbing on some vinegar to the rash to draw the oils and infection from the skin. This will sting like the dickens but once it air dries you will find it feels much better. Covering the rash with honey is another messy method but this can also be wrapped with gauze. An unusual remedy is to take a banana out of the peel then place the part of peel that touched the banana against the affected skin to cool the inflammation. Prevention is the best thing to strive for where poison ivy is concerned. Do not touch it if you can help it and if you find you have sprint into action. If you see that the rash is especially severe, is near the eyes, nose, mouth or genitals or if the area swells badly you need to go to the emergency room immediately.

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