PILARANEX – Freeing Your Skin From Keratosis Pilaris

Most people are not aware of this skin condition by name, even though they suffer from this very skin problem. One may be familiar with the symptoms like redness of the skin, roughness of the skin and an extreme dryness of the skin. It happens due to keratosis pilaris. Normally, it is called as chicken skin in general language. Many individuals who are confident also tend to want to cover it up. People may feel very scared and anxious once they come to know that the condition is classified as an incurable one. Even though it can’t be cured, keratosis pilaris can be treated with a great success using Pilaranex.

Pilaranex is a formulation designed to combat all the symptoms of keratosis pilaris. Pilaranex consists of a two part system. It can improve the overall appearance of the skin. The keratosis pilaris is formed due to the excess presence of keratin protein organically produced by the body. Balancing this protein can help to bring about changes in the skin. The two part system of pilaranex consists of a power exfoliant along with a strong moisturizer which helps the user derive a superior benefit. Thus there is an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin on various body parts.

Over production of keratin protein results in the clogging of the pores and the hair follicles on the skin. Thus it can irritate the membrane and creates the un-even bumps on the skin. The glycolic acid in the exfoliant of the pilaranex softens the keratin plugs which give the chicken skin look. Also, the dead skin areas are removed from the skin surface there by revealing a smoother skin. With the improved hydration of the skin cells, the skin is moisturized to the required optimum. This pilaranex product is a result of current research done on this frustrating condition which many people are affected with.

Some rewarding results obtained with the use of Pilaranex are:
* The rough and un-even areas on the back and legs arms are reduced.
* As more and more dead skin cells are removed, there is a better cellular turnover that brings out more youthful skin layer from bellow.
* The skin is healthier and vibrant.
* The texture of the skin is smoother.
* The rest of the skin is also improved as it gets better moisturized and hydrated.
* The severity of the look of keratosis pilaris is lowered.

Although this keratosis pilaris is beyond the scope of general cosmetics, one can, however, choose not to compromise with the chicken skin look and do something about it. The bumpiness and irregularity of the skin can be reduced with the help of pilaranex. This obviously improves confidence in a person and also self esteem is boosted as one can start changing to view themselves. So just reveal the better skin with the help of Pilaranex.

Using the pilaranex renewing exfoliant and the silky moisturizer together produces some of the most IMPRESSIVE RESULTS you could ever expect; pilaranex will reveal flawless skin and remove embarrassing KP!

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