Natural Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Everybody has concerns about the condition of their hair at some time in their life and wonders whether they will go bald prematurely or unnaturally. Most men accept that they will go bald one day due to male pattern baldness, but women can go bald as well and it is more distressing for them.

Most individuals think that hair care should begin early on in life. Women certainly take care of their hair from an early age, but traditionally men did not particularly in northern Europe.

Mediterranean and Asian men on the other hand do take care of their hair from an early age. Whether this is why Mediterranean and Asian men are inclined to retain more of their hair longer, I do not know, but it could be.

Anyway, northern European boys are starting to take care of their skin and their hair, so we shall find out in a decade or two. There are plenty of products on the market that boast to be able to take care of hair and some even say that they can restore hair loss.

There are also long-established, natural, home remedies for hair loss. One of the main factors cited by doctors for hair loss is poor circulation in the scalp, which starves the hair follicles of oxygen, eventually killing them.

If this is a fact, then there is no reason why frequent massage cannot help. Massage is famous for increasing the circulation of blood, so perhaps a regular scalp massage is (part of) the solution. It is certainly a fact that a trip to the barber’s or a massage salon in the East frequently involves a short scalp massage.

Lots of individuals believe in the power of some oils to restore hair before it had suffered too much to survive. Before the Seventies, lots of men rubbed bay rum into their hair and scalp as a tonic, but it is rarely seen these days.

Tea tree oil at 5% concentration is very popular because of its antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. Tea tree oil can clear up infestations of head lice, yeast infections (and others) and dandruff, all of which may lead to or be indicative of impending hair loss. Other oils used are olive oil and lavender oil.

Aloe Vera is utilized in Asia for nearly all skin and hair issues. It grows wild there and is cultivated in most gardens too. In the West, you might have to use preparations containing aloe vera, but if you can get the leaves, crush them and rub the jelly into your scalp and hair.

Some individuals believe in the remarkable curative powers of honey. Honey can be massaged into the hair and scalp about an hour before you shower. Honey may be a bit thick for some people, so you could thin it down with olive oil. Some individuals have faith that cinnamon and ginger can help restore hair, so you could add one or both of them to olive oil or to a rinse.

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