Natural hair growth via medicines

As a way of reducing hair loss, many drugs and injections have been proven across the world. Yet there have been no significant results apart from a few exceptions. However , this difficulty has been the source of mental and social force for men across the world. Can there be no way to combat the consequences of premature or intense balding in men? It's surprising to see that a seriously big section of the worldwide male population is afflicted with baldness after the age of 40 only.

Propecia is a medicine which is used to treat moderate male hair fall on the apex and anterior mid-scalp area. The previous couple of years experienced amazing strides taken by medicine in treating and healing hair fall for men. With surgical procedures the key problem is their high cost and their synthesised nature. Besides, who likes going to the doctor for an illness like this? For men having an opportunity to grow their hair back procedures are unnecessary and cumbersome.

1mg dose of this medication can seriously lower DHT levels in the scalp by 60% if taken each day. DHT is accountable for the lowering or shrinking the follicles that will lead to balding. This reduction of follicles can be stopped if the medicine is used frequently. Another 65% of folk experienced regrowth of hair after taking this medicine.

Though Minoxidil was another drug meant for combating hair fall, it has some serious Problems like speed. Minoxidil has passed all clinical tests and proved to be an effective hair fall medication but experts think it's marginally effective and is a very slow process. The effects of the drugs are temporary and don't give any satisfying results as it doesn't affect the hormonal process of hair growth. On the contrary, the previous drug has a better clinical result in fast growth of natural looking hair.

It has got to be noted , however , that the usage of Propecia is meant only for men as ladies may face unfavorable effects of the same and also it may not be certain to promote growth of hair on women. Also its dose wants specifically be near about 1mg. The good part about this drug is that since it is taken orally, there's very little chance of any overdose or even an under dose situation.

This work has been penned by Ashmita Mukherjee on combating hair loss. The simplest hair loss treatment for men is through oral drug containing finasteride.

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