Men Who Lose their Hair

Andropause is sometimes called the male equivalent of female menopause. There are differences in symptoms, but both start around the age of 40-50, and both are a result of endocrine glands, which no longer produce the same amount of hormones that they did at a younger age. In men, one of the symptoms of the dwindling supply of hormones is hair loss – baldness.

Although testosterone is the most prevalent and well-known male hormone, there are others. As a group these male hormones are responsible for male characteristics – and they are called androgens. In females, reproductive organs shut down during menopause. That is not the case in males where reproductive organs can continue to operate into old age. But still, as a man ages, the glands supply a smaller amount of hormones.

Can anything be done about these symptoms of age? Lessening of muscle mass and strength, loss of sex drive, less restful sleep, anxiety, sluggishness, and a pot belly can also be symptoms of andropause in addition to hair loss. Are these symptoms unavoidable? In this article we will discuss what can be done.

When women begin to go through menopause, doctors often prescribe replacement hormones to combat symptoms. Replacement of hormones can be just as beneficial to men. This is called hormone replacement therapy. It is important to know how much of which hormones to replace – not just replacing testosterone – and it is important that the replacements be exactly the same as the hormones the body produces – bioidentical hormones.

Many hormones being sold as replacements are not the same as the ones in the body, notably estrogen made from pregnant horse urine. But if you put a bioidentical hormone in the body, the organs will recognize and use it.

The amount of hormones lost may not be the same in every person – different ages and physiques and diets affect hormone loss. To determine the exact amount of which hormones to replace, one needs medical testing.

Once testing is done, and the facts are known, exact amounts of needed hormones can be given to a level that will compare to the levels of hormones in the body when one was young. Symptoms like lack of energy and interest in life, low libido, insomnia and loss of hair can slow down or halt or even reverse. Indeed, it seems like one regains youth.

There are thousands of men who have benefited from hormone replacement therapy with no side effects. It is a natural way to slow the aging process and bring new vigor to a sluggish lifestyle. There’s no reason to mope because you reached middle age – do something about it!

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