Make your Hair Strong and Beautiful via Hydrolyzed Keratin

Whether your hair is long or curly, it will certainly get a man’s attention; most especially, if it is healthy, silky and smooth.

We have always learned protein is an important factor in hair growth. This protein that is present in our hair is called keratin and has amino acids that act as protectors in keeping our tresses healthy and strong. It is the same way with the growth of our nails and on building strong teeth and smooth silky skin.

Made up of proteins, hair will be unhealthy once our body is deprived of this nutrient. This protein that is found in our hair is known as keratin. Keratin is also responsible for keeping our nails and skin healthy because of the amino acids that it contains.

Keratins are divided into two groups: plain and hydrolyzed keratin. Although the former is good, the latter is much better. Plain keratin helps to sustain silky and smooth hair but it takes time because of the size of its molecules. On the other hand, hydrolyzed keratin is composed of miniscule molecules allowing them to easily permeate into the hair shafts. A product that has made a big breakthrough in treating damage and undamaged hair is Keratin Hair treatment with Inverto. Inverto is a patented keratin polypeptide that is very close to the structure of amino acids in our hair. When it is applied onto the tresses, these keratin polypeptides make a way into the hair to replenish the Cystyne that was lost during certain hair processes and the use of tough hair products. With its infusion into the hair follicles, hair issues such as brittleness, frizz and split ends are minimized. The damaged done to the hair by these processes and products are readily repaired to give you a more manageable and smooth hair.

Your solution to this hair problem is to look for a product that has keratin. Shampoos with keratin or other hair treatments with keratin can come to your rescue. The presence of keratin in these products can help to recover the health of your hair. It would be better if you can get products that have hydrolyzed keratin, as its molecular weight is small allowing the hydrolyzed keratin to penetrate into the shafts of your hair quickly.

Studies have been conducted on the effectivity of hydrolyzed keratin on the hair. The results showed that hair treated with hydrolyzed keratin became stronger considerably. This was achieved because the hydrolyzed keratin is the nearest amino acids that are found on our hair. When they are applied to the hair, the keratin polypeptides infiltrate the hair and reinstate the lost protein. This leads to lessening the incidence of breakage, split ends, removing frizz and repairing the hair. It definitely would give you hair that is soft, smooth and manageable – even better than you used to before.

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