Laser Hair Therapy – The New Technique For Hair Loss

If you are reading this article, either you or someone you know are suffering from hair loss. Chance are you have tried all the over the counter remedies and are unhappy with the results. If you have agreed to any of the aforementioned, you are in the right place. This article will introduce a new option to you known as, ‘Laser Hair Therapy.’

The use of lasers have been use to combat hair loss for sometime now. Studies have proven that it is an effective weapon for both men and women suffering from thinning hair. The great news is the cost of this technology has come down to a range that practically anyone can afford.

You do not have to worry about loosing a whole day to treatment. The average laser hair therapy session takes approximately thirty-minutes. The laser treatment is applied directly to the affected scalp area. Unlike older laser treatments this new technology, gives the patient no discomfort whatsoever. It penetrates deep to a molecular level and stimulates the hair follicles.

In order to visualize the way your hair growth works, it is a good idea to view your hair as being similar to a plant. Currently the state of your hair is like that of a plant that is suffering from no sunlight, and it is stunting your hairs growth. With laser treatment which is like sunlight for a plant, your hair will begin to grow again. It will grow because the laser treatment will renew the blood supply to the follicles. Laser hair therapy provides oxygen as well as nourishment and allows your hair to once again grow in a normal, healthy way.

Laser hair therapy has became popular world-wide, mainly because it is a non-invasive and natural process. As more hair loss sufferers become educated about their options, regarding thinning hair the obvious solution is rapidly becoming (depending on where you are currently in the hair loss process) laser hair therapy.

Dealing with your first grey hair is bad enough. Imagine my horror when one day I looked in the mirror and realized that my hair was thinning at the age of 38. As I stood their looking at the stranger in the mirror I could see images of my grandfather. I vividly remember his shinny bald head with peach fuzz around the sides. Was this my destiny? Do to lack of education I mistakenly thought that hair restoration was to expensive.

I found the “perfect” solution. I changed my hair style to one that did not feature my bolding area so much. After about a year of doing this, I realized that I was fooling no one but myself. I started doing a little research, thinking that I would need hair restoration surgery. I went in for a free consultation, and was blown away that the process was extremely affordable. Even better yet, the hair loss specialist told me that he did not recommend hair loss surgery but laser hair therapy. I did, and after a few months I noticed that my hair stopped falling out. After about a year I noticed that my hair started growing again.

I shared my story with you, because if you are suffering from hair loss you owe it to yourself to at least find out your options. You can do this by calling Virginia Surgical (1-888-746-9400) or completing their online consultation form for Laser Hair Therapy. Now ask yourself is never having to live with hair loss worth a few minutes of your time?

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