Ideas and Tips On How To Prevent Hair Loss

Most people are always looking to revert the effects of hair loss, but did you know that prevention is better than cure? Yes, knowing how to prevent hair loss will ensure you lead a stress-free life of fearing that your hair would be lost, even if hair loss runs in your family. How do you do that?

Sleep – just like the human body, hair grows at its finest and strengthens during sleep, it is no wonder doctors advice on a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night.

Shower – many a times people will suffer from hair loss not because it is a heredity problem but because of clogged skin pores as a result of the accumulation of sebum that clogs the pores with dirt. This weakens the hair shafts and leads to hair breakage. Washing your hair as regularly as you feel the need to with an effective shampoo and conditioner will ensure your scalp remains clean and sebum-free for optimal hair growth.

Diet – As it is a well known fact, hair is made up of a type of protein known as keratin. As such, foods such as oatmeal, eggs, lean meats, legumes, peanuts, almonds, whole grain bread and cottage cheese are known to prevent hair loss as they are rich in protein.

Learn the art of scalp massage – preventing hair loss is about promoting hair growth, which can be done through regular skin massage. It is believed that massaging the scalp for as little as 5 minutes every day can help prevent hair loss while at the same time promoting an optimal environment for natural hair growth.

Stick to natural styling hair products – while styling products are fun and exciting, most of them come heavy-laden with chemicals that lead to hair loss. Using natural styling products therefore, such as the Aloe Vera Styling Gel, could be all that you need to do prevent hair loss.

People should learn to keep several points in mind when they try to master the art of how to grow hair back.

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