How You Can Treat Hair Loss In DC

More men and women are becoming more conscious about baldness occurring to them. This event can be led by several factors such as aging, androgen activity for males, heredity, skin or scalp disorders, and malnourishment. Good thing, it can be remedied with several hair loss DC treatment available.

Males, for example, can take DHT inhibitors to foster growth of strands in their scalp. DHT or dihydrotestosterone interacts with the normal activities of the scalp by attaching itself to the cell receptors in the follicle. It sends false signals to the cells responsible for growth, causing them to inhibit their activities.

Antiandrogens might also work for them because these drugs stops the DHT from attaching its self to the follicle cell receptors. Thus, it promotes growth. Growth stimulants can also be prescribed to stimulate the follicles to do their job. But they are not effective for treating the direct causes of the condition.

Experts always emphasize the importance of proper nutrition, activity and scalp hygiene for all people. Regular cleaning prevents the scalp from catching fungal diseases and other infections that can affect normal activities in the scalp.

Moreover, it is necessary to eat just the right amounts of carbohydrates, protein and fats to strengthen the immune system of the body. Immunity is very significant in letting the body avoid certain diseases, including those that involve the scalp. Exercising is also needed to boost one’s health too.

Surgery and laser are two clinic based treatment available in the city. A hair transplant could either be done with strip harvesting or follicular unit extraction. Scalp tissue or individual follicles are transplanted from a donor to a recipient site, respectively. Laser, on the other hand, fosters blood circulation to the scalp which stimulates follicular activity.

Whatever the mode of treatment for hair loss DC you choose, it is important to consider all the options first before making a choice. Contact a reliable trichologist in the city who can provide you the right information on the options and deliver treatment at a satisfactory level. Read more about: Hair Loss DC

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