How Toppik Hair Building Products will Help Female Pattern Baldness

Balding among women usually starts at the age of 40 and can progress on the coming years. Some women who were blessed with good genes do not get into this stage except for having grey hair. They are lucky indeed but with the rest who had inherited genes of getting bald, this cannot be stopped. Androgenic alopecia is the medical term for female pattern baldness. Thinning areas on the scalp is seen at the top of the head or a receding hairline is obvious.

Hair loss for a woman is demeaning and it has a big impact in her confidence and may cause her apprehension and stress. The causes of female pattern balding Unlike men, women do not really lose their entire mane. Female pattern balding is characterized by thinning of hair in some spots or getting bald in some areas. It can be experienced by any woman regardless of age.

In the United States, only 20 to 25% of women who took the drug for hair growth showed great improvement. Hence, intake of this drug does not give a hundred percent assurance of hair growth. Hair transplant involves getting hair follicles from the thick areas of the scalp and embedding it onto the thinning areas. This may sound better than the drug; however, it is more expensive than the drugs. This goes to say that the two alternatives are both costly. The drug cannot be bought over the counter so you need to see a doctor first, who will examine your scalp and prescribe the medication.

Female baldness is diagnosed by looking at it since its indications can be seen by the naked eye. Some laboratory or diagnostic tests may be requested if necessary but is often diagnosed visually. Methods of treating female pattern baldness Balding pattern on women is a stable affliction and is a familiar occurrence among women. Although it is a stable affliction, no proven remedy is feasible for every woman. There are some available treatments which women can try. The United States of America has approved only one kind of drug, which did not yield much success. About 20 – 25% of women increased their hair growth through medication.Hair transplant is done by removing hair follicles from the thick areas of the head and transferring it to the balding spots. Both modes of treatments are costly and do not give you the assurance that it will produce good results.

Sold in the market by is Toppik Refill Keratin hair building fibers that consists of keratin and organic proteins that are essential to stimulate the growth of hair. Laser cut to make them lightweight and tiny; the keratin hair fibers went through an electro-static energizing procedure that they easily attach to the hair shafts. This results for the thin hair to look thicker, fuller and darker because of the numerous diminutive fibers that has clung to your hair. Toppik hair products will not rob your pocket of a big amount as they are very much within your means. Toppik Refill Keratin hair building fibers is easy to apply, not messy and most of all add volume to your thinning hair bringing you back your confidence.

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