How To Transform Thin Hair To Thick Hair

Loss of hair is a problem that affects both males and females. It however is more pronounced in men. Hair loss may be caused by genetics, diseases such as cancer and AIDS and it usually occurs when people reach their forties. It is made up of dead tissues and contains keratin that is also found in nails. Nutrients can be applied to it to transform thin hair to thick hair.

Consuming a diet rich multi vitamins and especially vitamin B is recommended by dermatologists. Biotin is an element found in vitamin B that ensures stronger tresses. One is advised to always have one of the following foods in their diet soy beans, carrots, eggs and nuts because they are proteins rich in Vitamin B. One should combine eating these foods with using volumizing shampoo and conditioner.

An individual needs to avoid procedures that require the use of extreme heat such as blow drying, curling, flat ironing or straightening. One should ensure they trim split ends often. Combing and brushing of coiffure should be put to a minimal. After washing, one should avoid combing immediately since the wet tresses have a tendency to break easily.

People always panic when they see strands on their brushes and combs. It is normal for a person to lose up to one hundred strands on a daily basis. Holding strands up makes it appear fuller than when it is let down. When using a comb or brush, use on that is not rough on the edges or one that tangles up.

Moreover, less volume is more noticeable in darker coiffure. To counter act this effect the use brighter or lighter colors when highlighting or dying is highly advisable. Also when dying or highlighting, an individual should use chemicals that are not too harsh or that may damage the scalp or the coiffure. Coloring should not be too often as well.

Scalp massaging should be done when applying conditioner. This should be done in circular movements for about two to three minutes thus increasing the flow of blood. Conditioner should not be applied on the scalp but rather it should be applied at the ends of strands. Coiffure should be washed at least two times in a week to ensure that it is clean and to avoid many problems associated with dirt.

The reason why many people resort to making their thinning hair appear thick is because many celebrities grace the red carpets in voluminous pieces. Most of these celebrities also have thinning hair problems so they add extensions to make it appear thicker. Extensions come in many forms such as straight or wavy that can blend in with natural hair. This turns thin hair to thick hair.

Transform thin hair to thick hair in a flash! You can get tips on how to improve growth of hair, right now.

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