Helpful Facts about Self Sun Tanning

We’ve all known for years about certain risks of UV skin damage from over-doing it on the beach. Going to parlors isn’t much better as far as the risks are concerned; not to mention the costs of tanning at a parlor. Self tanning products greatly simplify the overall process as well as reduce the health hazards of traditional tanning. We’re going to offer a few important facts about self tanning that you may want to keep in mind.

After you apply your self tanning solution, you’ll have to give it time to dry on you. So how much time are we talking about? Some dry in mere minutes while others take a long time – hours. One thing you can do is to check out the product labels when you’re choosing which one to try. One word of caution for current users of self tanning solutions is to be careful if you try a new brand; it’s just that there is a lot of variability with drying times. For best results, you shouldn’t try to rush the process or otherwise do something that could produce indesired effects.

Here’s a good pointer for you – whenever using brand new (never tried before) sunless tan product; pick an innocuous part on your body and just put a little bit on to check the results. That way, if you discover you have a sensitivity to a particular chemical used in the product, then you’ll find out quick enough but it won’t be all over your body.

You will never know 100% how any product will tan your skin type until you try it. That is exactly why you really should do a small test, first, before applying all over your body. So just pick a location on your leg, perhaps, and do the test on that. In perhaps most situations, there’s nothing to be concerned about; however we still feel it wouldn’t hurt to test. The small test, or experiment, will confirm the product’s compatibility with your skin.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you make the most out of your self tanning products. Alcohol acts to dry out skin, and so we suggest you do not use products containing alcohol. If at all possible, wait a little bit before using these products after you shave to prevent any discomfort. Before using any sunless tanning product, try rubbing some oil into your skin to reduce the chances of any reaction problems. You can protect your hands by wearing gloves as you put the tanning solution on. You can find them in grocery stores and salon supplies stores. No one really wants their hands to have that deep, island tan look – at least not the palms.

Self tanning products as a market is quite large with many brands to choose from. As always, the instructions and directions need to be adhered to, and be aware of the ingredients as found on the labels. Finding the one that gives you the best results is often a matter of experimenting with several brands. The more you learn you’ll have better results without lying in the sun for hours. The hints we’ve covered in this article should help you to get started..

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