Hair Loss Treatments – What You Need To Know

Hair loss is most certainly a problem that’s common, but that still doesn’t mean it’s any more pleasant for you. Lots of people have been looking for real hair loss treatments for hundreds of years, and even those who are considered experts don’t see eye to eye on what works. Many times the best thing you can do is just try something out, providing it’s safe, to determine whether it will help you. Below are some treatments for hair loss, some mainstream and some not, but lots of people have had success with them.

Second only to hair transplant surgery, laser treatment for hair loss is a well-known and medically advanced form of treatment. Hair growth can actually be stimulated by using specially tuned lasers that increase the blood flow to the roots of the follicles. Laser combs can be purchased that actually have the lasers built into the comb itself. Although you can buy these devices, physicians also do laser treatments and you might want to get a second opinion before spending your money. You can actually buy a laser comb at a store, and give it a try, although your results may vary. Laser combs have received FDA approval, yet their ability to consistently work has never been proven. Lasers that you can use at the doctor’s office are of a higher grade and will offer a higher possibility of stimulating growth. Laser treatments, over the last few years, have shown favorable results for those that have used it. Women that are pregnant may start to notice that their hair will fall out which is usually due to hormonal changes. Women might also notice that their hair may change in color, texture, and thickness. This is actually nothing to worry about and this condition will actually vanish overtime. Your physician will be able to answer any other questions you may have in case you are still concerned. Conditions like these often pass very quickly so there is no need to worry. There is no reason to try to get some special treatment or cure for what is occurring because it will simply subside.

Scalp massage is another way that you can begin to stimulate hair growth on your head. You do not need to go to a professional masseuse to get this done; simply grab your head and start rubbing. By doing this, the healthy follicles on your scalp will actually benefit from the added circulation. You could also use specific oils that might be helpful including lavender and Ayurvedic medicine. You could also consider the healing properties of aromatherapy along with the massage. All it takes is taking your hands and rubbing them on your scalp multiple times for a few minutes. At the very least, it will relax you and possibly inspire some hair to grow back.

In summary, there are many products that say they can stop hair loss. To be honest, a lot of these won’t work for most of us.

If you want to take a natural approach, your best bet is eating a healthy diet and treating your hair with only natural and gentle products. There are some medications and medical procedures that can reverse hair loss, but you have to be able and willing to afford these. We’ve only been able to cover a handful of hair loss treatments in this article, but you may find one or more of these actually work for you.

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