Hair Loss In Women: 2 Hurdles On Your Way To A Cure

Women have many unfair disadvantages when it comes to hair loss. Women are especially sensitive to changes in hormones. Women’s fertility must be protected and therefore they cannot use many of the remedies available to men. Women’s hair loss is even less accepted than men’s. Both genders have hurdles to face on their path to restoring hair. However, some women’s challenges are very serious. If you cannot prepare yourself properly, these hurdles could turn into roadblocks.

Getting Back To Normal Is Still Not Normal The biggest hurdle you will probably encounter is your own patience. You must recognize this as a journey toward better health and better hair. You will know it when you arrive at your destination, but there are plenty of windy roads on your way. Even the healthiest of all women still has a constant flux of hormones and counteracting hormones throughout her body. For two weeks of every month a woman’s body surges with the feminine hormone estrogen, which is the most potent weapon against the male hormone DHT that causes hair loss in women. After those two weeks, the estrogen production decreases and it is replaced with progesterone, a hormone essential to pregnancy and a feminine equivalent to testosterone. After two more weeks, the cycle begins again. You also have a flux of hormones in your body, but not the right hormones. For a variety of reasons, your body is flooded with DHT. You are probably still producing progesterone, but not estrogen. With no estrogen to counteract the progesterone, it is also flooding your body amplifying the affects of the DHT.

At first, they caused no secondary issues but over time they complicated your natural body functions. To make up for this burden, your body overproduced hormones and, long story short, you ended up with hair fall. The hair fall could have been prevented long before the first hair every shed if the problem was addressed in its beginning stages. Even now that the problem is more evident, it is still never too late to stop it. Keep in mind, the more out of control the hormone balance become the faster your hair will fall out. Doing something about it today just means you are that much closer to better looking hair.

In The Beginning Treat Your Hair As Gently As You Would A Baby’s Nurturing your hair back to health is a gradual process. This means the hair all over your head will still be in a weakened state for some time. This is when you must be as careful and as gentle as you would with a new born baby’s hair. Hair loss does not mean you have no style options. However, you want to make sure you do nothing to aggravate the situation or you will lose all hair fall control. For example, brushing the hair in a “ripping or tearing” manner will not only pull out too much hair, but it also injures the hair follicle and inhibits the healing from your hair loss remedies.

With normal consumption of zinc through eating food being hit and miss at best, then getting zinc through supplementation seems to be the obvious choice. Whilst most zinc supplements aren’t primarily considered a thinning hair product they do help against normal hair loss and aid growth. Another option to make sure that your body and hair get all the zinc they need is to take a hair growth supplement that not only contains zinc but also other vitamins for hair loss, such as b6 and biotin. This shouldn’t be difficult as all of the best hair loss treatment products contain a range of vitamins and minerals that will give you luscious, sexy hair.

Consider A Pro-Healing Scalp Environment At Night The last of these 3 hair fall control tips is very similar to #2. All night long, your head rests on your pillow. Your scalp and hair spend more time in contact with your pillow case and bed than any other item throughout the rest of the day. Why not turn this into an ultra-healing opportunity? Your first step, try a satin pillow case. Satin allows the hair and head to glide over the fabric versus traditional pillow cases which may tug a bit. It is an almost insignificant amount of tugging, but it can add up after an eight hour nap.

Remember that truly healthy hair can only be achieved when you have a healthy body. However thick hair comes from a healthy clean scalp so consider a hair growth system qith cleansing elements such as Nioxin.

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