Hair Extensions Methods

Hair extensions are very popular now-a-days. The companies are producing hair extensions with new styles and techniques. The different type of hair extensions are prepared by different processes and procedures. Therefore, the applying method varies from the extension to extension. Some hair extensions are easy and simple to use while others require the application of chemical layer on your hair.

The most common type of hair extension is of four types that are; clip-in, fusion, weaving, and tape. All of these hair extensions require different method of application. Here is the basic information for the methods of hair extension application. By these methods you can attach the hair extensions with your hair.


Clip in are now easy to use and they can be easily removed. You can attach these clips in to your hair your self and they do not damage your hair at all. These clips in have small clips attached to them. You can simply fix them to the place where you want attach them. They are for the daily use but it is recommended that you should not sleep with these hair extensions as it might cause damage to them.


Fusion is another type of hair extension. They are further divided into two groups: cold fusion and the second one hot clod. The hot clod is made up of micro loops and they have a firm attachment with your hair. They are easy to attach but they need maintenance as they might get loose and need a proper tightening. Other wise, they last for long.


Then the third type is weaving. As per the name shows that they are weaved into the hair. The applying method needs a proper sewing of these extensions into your hairs. Your original hairs are braided and then the extensions are fixed into the place you want to fill. But as they are braided some of you might found it uncomfortable or heavy. But they give a natural look to your hair.


The last type of hair extension is tape hair extension also known as skin weft. They are composed of tapes that are on the both sides of hair extensions. These tapes are for attaching the hair extension into your hair. They are like clip in which means that they are easy to fix in and easy to remove.
All you need is to select the type of hair extension that suits your personality and hair type. The color schemes and the lengths also should be selected carefully. These hair extension methods will help you in fixing the hair extension into your hair by making you look beautiful. These hair extensions give you a natural look. So, place your order now.

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