Guidelines On How To Stop Hair Loss

As men advance in years, they face the problem of male pattern baldness, which is thinning of hair that eventually leads to balding. The medical term for this is “androgenic alopecia,” which is the condition where the hair starts thinning in an “M” shape, before it falls out altogether and leads to baldness. Here are a few methods to understand how to stop hair loss and work towards promoting a faster rate of hair growth.

Hair loss is determined by various factors. Clinical studies on the subject indicate that men, who have excessive levels androgenic dihydrotestosterone hormone, go through this problem. This hormone DHT plays a crucial role as it develops the secondary characters of sex in males and when there is too much of it, it cause follicular miniaturization when the hair follicles decreases in width and hair starts thinning. There are no conclusive tests to prove that this problem surfaces only because of genetics.

Propecia or Finasteride is a prescribed drug such as Minoxidal that is available for effectively treating the problem associated with male pattern baldness. Men, however, complain of side effects which normally manifest itself as acne, erectile dysfunction, headaches and growth noticed in their breasts which are referred to as “gynecomastia.” Only a few patients reported good results though many are afraid to use these drugs because they do not want to grow their breasts!

The other important factor is stress. When people feel threatened with physical and mental challenges their levels of stress escalate and when it is too high, they suffer from various traumatic problems and one of them is falling hair.

Alternative treatment is available fortunately to enable men to restore their hair. These are natural types of treatments that do not cause any side effects. It is possible to seek effective permanent cures unlike drugs which offer temporary cures. Natural ingredients used for hair have been used over the centuries. Therefore, if you are wondering how to stop hair loss, it would be wise to learn more about natural treatments that will prevent men from getting bald.

Everybody is keen on mastering how to grow hair back naturally.

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