Discover Hair Loss Treatment St. Louis

Discover hair loss treatment St. Louis in your own home. Many of the items that can help repair brittle or limp and thinning hair is in your own kitchen. Men and women both can benefit from these simple remedies.

A person does not even have to go to the kitchen for this first remedy. Simply massage your scalp. The kneading and circulation motion of a massage will help to increase blood flow and warm the scalp, improving circulation. The follicles will be able to absorb nutrients and the relaxing sensation will also relieve stress.

Using apple cider vinegar as a rinse will also clean the dead skin cells that clog the follicles, allowing the strands to thicken. Just combine one cup of vinegar and one and one-half cup of water to apply to your locks. Rinse then shampoo as you would normally.

Honey is not just for the taste buds it can also be used to add bounce back to limp strands. Just apply some to the entire length of the strands and clip up or put in bun. Leave it on for twenty minutes then rinse and shampoo. Though this process is a little sticky, it will rinse out easily in the shower.

Another item in most kitchens is gelatin. Use the plain unflavored type and mix one package into a bottle of your normal shampoo. Shake well and use every time you wash. The gelatin will coat and thicken the strands while moisturizing. Please do not use a flavored type of gelatin as the coloring in the package will dye the strands.

Home made and natural remedies for hair loss treatment are available to most people. A raid on the kitchen cabinet will often result in thicker and healthier tresses. However, if after several months of use there is no improvement, seek medical counsel as this may be a sign of another condition.

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