Did You Know This About Women’s Hair Loss?

Of course it’s traumatic for men when they realize that baldness is going to happen. But the thing is that so many people, especially men, have no idea that women experience hair loss, and the impact is equally dramatic on them when it happens. Women’s hair loss is a major problem all over the world. Women in Western societies especially have an extremely hard time with coping with hair loss. Our society places a premium on women having luxurious and beautiful hair, no matter how old or young they may be. The processes of balding and thinning are very difficult for a woman to cope with. Also, did you know that hair loss happens as much in women as it does in men? What are some of the causes of this hair loss?

In some cases, the medications that women take will absolutely cause them to lose hair. One widely known procedure, chemotherapy, will cause this to happen. There are certain classes of medication that will have a certain kind of effect on a woman, and the end result is hair loss. But some experiences are not of direct hair loss. So what happens is that the cycle of hair growth is interrupted, and it stops growing. But the net effect is the appearance of hair loss. So it will be very difficult to tell the difference if you don’t know.

Stress can play a huge role with hair loss, that is a known fact. Certain stress factors will definitely come into play as it effects how much your hair grows and is lost. Some women shed more when they are especially stressed. Yet, other women will not have that problem, but they will experience a slower amount of hair growth. Taking deep calming breaths can help to relax you and calm you down. You just need to find, or make, time to relax each and every day, even if it’s for a short time. As you know, as well, relaxation is good for many other reasons in addition to healthy hair.

There’s a cyclic pattern with hair growth. Just several years is about the normal lifespan of a strand of hair. In about six years, hair will be shed after about half an inch of growth in a month.

Women’s hair loss does not get as much press as men’s hair loss. We have no idea as to why this happens. However it is probably true that women are much more embarrassed about this and may not seek help with it. We can only hope that this will change in time. Research, time, and public awareness will hopefully shed more light on this area.

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