3 Cures For Male Pattern Baldness – Do NOT Ignore This!

I often shy away from using the word “cure,” as it always seems to require an enormous amount of evidence to be socially accepted. However, I am about to share three treatment steps with you that I believe to be the closest things to cures for male pattern baldness that you will find in this day and age. This is only true, however, if your condition is still treatable.

What determines your treatability is often a simple visual examination of your scalp. If skin with absolutely no hair growth at all (a.k.a. “chrome dome”) is what you find, then it is likely too late for you to solve your hair loss woes without going under the knife. In order to be considered treatable, you must still have viable hair follicles to work with.

If you are treatable, however, I do believe that these three steps address the very essence of male pattern baldness, which is the starvation of your hair follicles. Three primary things cause this, and we will discuss each one, along with its respective treatment. Remember, hair loss is directly caused by follicle starvation. Having that single focus can really help you to hone in on the right course of action.

Cures for Male Pattern Baldness – Step One – Kill the Killer:

Before you can feed your starving follicles and nurse them back to life, you must first remove the force that’s keeping them from getting adequate nutrition in the first place, and that is the hormone dihydrotestosterone. More commonly referred to as dht, this hormone makes its way to your scalp, clings to your follicles, and proceeds to render them unable to absorb ample nutriment from the blood. By simply taking the oral medication finasteride (Propecia), you can stop dht production in its tracks, paving the way for unhindered nutrient delivery to your starving follicles.

Cures for Male Pattern Baldness – Step Two – Make Hair Nutrients Available:

Once dht is out of the way, your starving follicles are going to be absolutely ravenous for certain nutrients. Among these are magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, biotin, copper, and vitamin b6. Taking a natural vitamin supplement is the most efficient, surefire, and convenient way of getting sufficient amounts of good hair nutrients. In addition, healthy oils like flax seed and fish will be much appreciated by your famished follicles, as will antioxidants like green tea.

Cures for Male Pattern Baldness – Step Three – Restore the Flow:

You can block all the dht in the world and take all the vitamins you want, but if your blood isn’t even getting to the follicles in the first place, you’ve got a problem. This is why restoring optimal circulation to the scalp is absolutely vital to this whole process. Massage is great for this, but for truly wonderful results, nothing beats minoxidil. A 5% topical solution applied daily can deliver your newly nutrient-enhanced blood to the follicles more efficiently than anything.

In Conclusion:

Truly the most effective way to fight follicle starvation, here is this entire process summarized: 1) Block dht so your follicles can eat and grow. 2) Make healthy foods available for your hair follicles to eat and grow. 3) Deliver tons of healthy foods to your follicles so that they can eat and grow quickly!

Any hair loss products you come across that can do all three of these things are definitely worthy of your serious and immediate consideration.

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