Causes of hair loss treatment

Hair loss is a problem that irritates a group of humans. Men, women and children can experience types of hair loss and they spend billions of dollars in an effort to prevent losing their hair, and sometimes it works, but in other times they never see any pleasing results. Hair loss treatment needs the patient to be aware of many things and to believe that it might take a lot of time to get your hair back or even to prevent losing it.

After 22 weeks, the fetus follicles are formed. Around five million follicles will protect the body and there will be around one million on the head only. This is the largest number of follicles an individual can have as the number starts to decrease as the human stem from childhood to adulthood.

Alopecia is the technical name for hair loss. This sensation describes any kind of hair loss not a single one. There are many of reasons behind this disease such as genetics and the environment, however, still the result is a man or woman losing hair. After all, the most common kind of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness).

There is another common hair loss that is telogen effluvium, which appears when the number of follicles in the human body drop sharply. These harsh drops in the number of follicles cause them to become dormant. We can say that this change does not arise gradually, but it takes place instantly.

Moving to men’s hair loss, the androgenetic alopecia represents around 90% of hair loss in men. Statistics indicate that men start experiencing hair loss around the middle of their thirties.

A lot of people think hair loss disease affects only men, but, in fact, there are millions of women suffering from the same disease, and in the United States 40% of those who suffer from alopecia are women.

Also, Hair loss sufferers can find solutions or hair loss treatment for this dicomfort. There is the Finasteride which is thought to be the generic name for both Proscar and Prospecia. It was approved by medical Authorities in the U.S that one mg doses is a nourishing treatment for androgenic alopecia. Another solution is Minoxidil that is sold in markets since years and its effectiveness depends on the extent of hair loss. The science of hair loss treatment improves every day giving more confidence to those patients.

You can find more than one way to deal with hair loss as you can always deliver the message to others that you never give up on Hair loss treatment. You just keep looking for the answers.

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