Can Proper Hair Care Prevent Women’s Hair Loss?

Is it possible to stop or even prevent hair loss in women with the right kind of hair care? Unfortunately no, that’s not usually possible. For most women, it’s a genetic issue or it can happen from imbalances within the body. However, sometimes scalp conditions can cause it as well as environmental influences. This is just one of the reasons it is important to practice proper hair care. Healthy hair follicles are stronger, more resilient, and can hold-up better to environment and internal stressors. We’d now like to offer some excellent suggestions for keeping your scalp and hair healthy.

Brushing your hair when its wet is a mistake. This is no joke. The best way to get the tangles out of wet hair is to dry it with a towel and then use a wide toothed comb to sort through the tangles gently. A brush is too rough on hair that’s wet. It can actually take your hair right out, which may hurt. Even worse, it can be damaging to your hair follicles, which can impact the health of your hair. Brushes, then, should only be used on hair that is dry.

Save the blow dryer for special occasions or when you are running late. Nothing is better than the air for drying your hair. That’s the truth. The more heat you force into your hair, the more brittle it can become. The heat can also cause your scalp to increase oil production which your hair will like but the rest of your head will not. When you’ve just washed your hair, you probably don’t want to have a lot of oil in it afterwards. There is nothing simpler than air drying. Comb and go!

Have your hair styled often at a good salon. It is still not clear whether this can actually improve the health of your hair. What everyone can agree upon is that it helps your hair look good. This is important if you are fighting against women’s hair loss. You want the hair you have left to look as good as possible right? It’s also important to notice hair loss as early as possible, and your hairdresser would notice this right away, which means you could ask a doctor about it and possibly treat it while it’s still in its early stages. Then you may be able to avoid it altogether!

Hair care may seem like a superficial concern compared to the larger problem of women’s hair loss. Hair loss can be quite devastating for women. For many types of hair loss, though, such as infections, taking good care of your hair can be an effective preventative measure. By taking good care of your hair, you also keep the hair that you haven’t lost in great condition. So, by treating your hair follicles as good as possible, you’ll keep your hair looking its best and you’ll probably hold onto more of it too.

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