Can Exercise And Taking Vitamins Stop Hair Loss?

There are tons of articles or blog posts on the internet stating that hair loss can be treated by having a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and taking multi-vitamins especially B-complex vitamins. Well, it’s nice to do all these suggestions altogether, it’s good for you, it’s healthy and you’ll definitely live longer.

But the question is, does this healthy diet, exercise and vitamin stuff really stop hair loss? Because if it does, it’s definitely easy to do , everyone can do it. If it’s that simple, then why are there bald athletes? Surely they’re healthy, eat plenty of nutritious food and probably take mega vitamins and minerals to keep them on shape. So why are they still bald?

The reality is, regardless how much food you eat, or exercise or even take tons or loads of vitamins, if the nutrients your taking in is not reaching your hair, then all that time and effort will be worthless.

Why wont it reach the hair? Because of DHT, a hormone that hardens the skin of the scalp and shrinking the blood vessels to the hair follicles thus deprives it of all its nutrients.

What the heck is DHT? DHT or dihydrotestosterone comes from testosterone. DHT forms when testosterone is acted upon by an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. What makes things worse is that all this formation occurs on the skin and hair follicles – would you believe that!

Now DHT is a hormones so it doesn’t matter what workout you are doing, no matter what you take in or vitamins you’re taking, nothing will stop its production. As a matter of fact, DHT is a crucial hormone particularly for men. It’s the reason for the secondary characteristic qualities of men and above all it’s responsible for your libido.

To stop the effects of DHT on the scalp, use Nisim Biofactors. Unlike other DHT inhibitors that are taken systemically causing decreased libido, Nisim Biofactors is used topically, meaning it works only on your scalp and never enters your system. It consists of Nisim Shampoo, Nisim Conditioner, and Nisim Hair Stimulating Extract. The Nisim hair loss range contains all natural ingredients, so it’s safe to use every day or even for years without any side effects. It’s so safe even children can use it.

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