Baldness In Men

Loss of hair is one thing that is suffered by men and women in all age groups, it is not new to men and actually the men are the ones who are generally the major sufferers when it cones to loss. Even till today many men out there are still battling with hair loss in men. Some of them do not even take time to find out the cause of their sudden loss of hair, they just start trying different approaches and techniques which unfortunately does not yield positive results.

Loss of hair in men is usually associated with old men but when young guys starts noticing patches of scanty scalps on their head they start asking questions like “how could i possibly have a bald head at this age” Here is something you ought to know, male hair loss is the most common type of hair loss, it starts with a receding hair line which gradually develops into thinning of the hairs at the top of the the head. It is often caused by increased sensitivity to androgen the male sex hormones, sometimes it is as a result of the role which our genes plays. it is possible to pass hair loss genes from parents to offspring.

When it comes to tackling hair loss in men it is very important to know the reason behind that particular type of hair loss, because not all hair loss requires treatments or even has a treatment for it. Some of them just require preventive steps like the use of hair loss prevention products. Here are some causes of hair loss.

Hormones: whenever some parts of the scalp has a high sensitivity to excess androgen in the bloodstream of a man it will definitely lead to loss of hair. The excess hormone will make the hair follicles shrink to the extent that they will become too small and unable to replace lost hairs. The hair follicles are rendered inactive, it always happens to men who are in the age bracket of 20-40 years. This kind of hair loss begins with a receding hair line and then end in gradual thinning of hairs. In both men and women hormones are always seen as the culprit of loss of hair. A therapy can be used to control this.There’s even a possibility that the hormones in your body can attack your hair follicles and cause you to surfer auto-immune hair loss.

Illness: when one is severely sick it may well affect the follicle as they are the most sensitive part of the hair, and often responds more to imbalances in the body.Sometimes scanty hairs and abnormal color of the hair is a sign of some diseases like kwarshiokor. Even some medications has hair loss as their adverse reaction so there is every chance of loosing your hair if you take such medications. Some sickness that can actually affect hair growth are, fungus infection, low iron serum, cancer treatments, thyroid and so no.

Genes: this is the most typical cause of hair loss, the genes are usually the cause of androgenetic alopecia they happen because we received hair loss genes from our parents when they conceived us, we were actually born with this genes and they can manifest at any time, this type of hair loss in men has no treatment yet, the only solution is to make use of hair loss prevention products, they will help you delay the onset of a balding scalp. Take note that they won’t cure it but only delay it as generally all types of hair loss are unavoidable.

Styling along with other hair Treatments: chemicals and certain hair styles are one of the leading factors causing hair loss in men. For those men who love to look extra good, be well aware that some of this chemicals are actually harsh and can trigger hair loss. As a man if you have to make your hair make sure you wear simple styles that will not cause your scalp and follicles to be tensed.

Techniques to cure hair loss in men

Over the counter products: there are different over the counter products that can actually help prevent and even cure some kinds of hair loss. products formulated with either Minoxidil or Finasteride are usually recommended. You can buy minoxidil lotion, this lotion can help you boost hair growth, they should be applied to the scalp twice daily. Its effects will wear off as soon as you stop using it. Finasteride can also be taken, they will delay the onset of a balding scalp, and can block the effect of male hormones which causes hair loss.

The use of hair loss prevention shampoos is quite effective, there are various over the counter hair loss shampoos. They will help you promote healthy hair growth and delay the onset of a balding scalp especially shampoos formulated with finasteride or minoxidil. You can easily get any of these shampoos in dermatological clinics. Other shampoos that contain saw palmetto as an active component, and nacin vitamin B that helps to dilate blood vessels therefore increasing hair growth can also be used.

An excellent that hair loss in men can be avoided or delayed is through a healthy diet plan, the logic behind this is that since the hair grows from inside your body you have to make sure that the inside of your body is healthy, otherwise it will produce unhealthy hairs.

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