A Brief Guide To Female Hair Transplant

Hair loss in women is more common than many believe. The reason for that is that often times it is less noticeable than when a man experiences it as it tends to be less hair all over than just one certain patch of baldness. And, losing hair affects a woman more emotionally than a man because it is socially acceptable for a man to be bald, but not for a woman, especially when it comes to natural hair loss. That is why many women are opting for a female hair transplant to deal with the issue.

Women don’t experience the same type of baldness as men; there is no typical pattern to balding for them. When a woman starts to lose hair, it begins by thinning all over the head, unlike with men who generally have one or more spots of thinning then balding. The hair loss is then gradual for females but certain factors like menopause and pregnancy can speed that up. Some women only experience a mild and slow moving loss, allowing them to hide the thinning easier and longer than a man.

There are many factors on why a woman losses her hair and genetics may only play a small part in that. Hormonal imbalances are one cause as well as pregnancy. During pregnancy, hair doesn’t fall out as it should; instead it tends to shed after the pregnancy is over. When the hormones don’t return to normal, the shedding continues creating thin or balding hair. Menopause has also been linked to thinning and loss of hair, which is why many older women have this problem.

Advances in technology are creating ways for women to deal with the problem. A surgical technique that is new is the Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation. This provides a natural looking restoration to the hair which can dramatically improve the appearance and the emotional state of a woman going through baldness.

This procedure transplants hair follicles rather than patches of hair to get the natural look for women. Each hair is transplanted individually and comes from a donor area on the body. This hair comes from the thicker parts of the hair on the scalp and from other hairy parts of the body and then it is moved to the area of the scalp needed.

Hair loss is an emotional and hard situation to deal with for women but there are effective treatments used to combat this problem. Advancements in medicine and technology are able to improve a woman’s appearance and emotional state by helping them with thinning and balding. For some, a female hair transplant may not be the right option for them, which is why consulting an expert is always needed before deciding on any treatment.

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